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It is said that old is gold. This also implies the value of an old gold item is more treasured. Antique style necklaces are a love letter to the aesthetics of the past. Antique look necklaces are the perfect accessory to wear on a traditional occasion and even your wedding day!

Delicate curves, floral motifs, detailed leaves, tiny gold beads, ornamental filigree and embellished stones, all these coming together in a poetic way is what defines an antique gold necklace. Our range of antique style necklaces makes for elegant pieces for your special day. The pieces celebrate the rich history and diversity of India. Our collection- Anusha, Rosette, Armari and Diya have pieces that are fashioned for antique look gold necklaces.

Diya collection was inspired by the emulating glimmer of a candle. The antique style necklaces are fashioned with great intricacy and craftsmanship.

Anusha jewellery collection was inspired by the rich tones of sunrise. The antique look gold necklaces from this collection make use of uncut Polki stones. Uncut Polki diamonds have a long history of being used in jewellery. It dates back to the Mughal period. Big uncut stones set in Kundan (thin sheets of gold) was the norm. Even today a bride prefers to wear jewellery with uncut Polki stones for her wedding day. Further enhancing the antique look is the use of rose gold finish.

Rosette was inspired by the worldwide journey our founder made. It unites the motifs of African violet, Indian lotus and English rose in harmony. The antique look gold necklaces have been designed while incorporating these elements.

Antique necklaces can be styled in many ways. There is no strict rule that they have to be a certain size or length. If you want something more modern, you can go for our 22ct Gold Indian Bridal Necklace which has an antique look with the structure of a choker necklace.

If you want something more traditional, you can opt for our 22 Carat Gold Bridal Antique Necklace. This antique style necklace is a long neckpiece combining motifs of African violet, Indian lotus and English rose. This piece can be worn individually or with a shorter neckpiece as well.

Like all gold items, antique-style necklaces should never be worn and sprayed perfume or cologne directly. Store them in dry pouches when not in use. Often it is tempting to get the piece polished again. It is advisable to not get the piece polished. The soft glow that develops with age on gold is a rich colour which perfectly goes with the style of an antique necklace. Burnishing the metal will take away the old regal look.

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