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Filigree work is intricate. It pays attention to details. Gold Filigree work involves twisting of thin wires and beads to create a design. The jeweller first draws thin wires out of metal and then uses tools to give its desired shape. These elements are soldered together into aesthetically appealing pieces of jewellery. Although this technique dates back centuries, it is widely used to fashion delicate pieces. To create filigree infused pieces, one has to be richly skilled in craftsmanship. The eastern Indian state Odisha is known for its decadent filigree work. These gorgeous lace-like structures of gold, are handcrafted. At PureJewels, we are proud to stock gold filigree necklaces which not only express individuality but also are a testimony to skillful craftsmanship and tradition.

One of our most popular items with the customer is the gold filigree necklace. These gold necklaces are the epitome of delicate and striking artwork. Our Jali collection was inspired by the iconic details of a filigree pattern. This collection is a homage to that. It weaves elements of not only this but also of various traditional Indian motifs. The filigree gold necklaces are fashioned in 22K yellow gold. This means that 22 parts out of 24 parts are pure gold. The remaining 2 parts are alloys used to make the gold even stronger to hold the delicate designs. Each filigree necklace is different than the other.

Our multi-layered 22ct Gold Char Ladda Rani Haar makes for a royal piece. While some filigree necklaces are decorated with gold beads, others are Choker styled, or have centerpiece pendants. All of them look equally opulent.

Our other filigree gold necklaces equally pay attention to the details. These filigree necklace jewellery make for the perfect bridal necklaces as well. In India, it is a tradition to wear gold jewellery during one’s wedding. These pieces are all beautifully fashioned in their own way and make a statement. There is something really graceful about the delicate patterns interlocking together.

If you want to mix it further, you don’t have to just stick to filigree necklaces constituting only of gold and no gemstones. Our 22ct Gold Peacock Jali Necklace is quite popular among the customers. A peacock inspired motif pendant with embellished uncut Polki stones, with a hint of red and green stones, delicately adorns one’s neck. The chain is held by two layers of textured gold beads, followed onto a row of stamped metal flowers, which are further held by the clasp. Every part of this piece is radiant.

These pieces are classics and can be passed down easily for generations. At PureJewels we understand that a piece of bridal jewellery is often passed down and cherished forever. These designs are evergreen and are sure to compliment a bride’s attire even further. These pieces are not limited to just the bride. The designs can be worn on other occasions as well.

All our pieces are hallmarked by the London Assay Office.

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