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At PureJewels we stock nose pins for all kinds of occasions. Our collection of nose pins features not only gold nose pins but also diamond nose pins. The primary factor is the metal weight and metal fineness/purity used in the nose pin. The second factor is if there is a diamond-embellished in it. Diamonds come in various clarity, carats, cuts and colours. The value of a diamond is determined by the factors mentioned which then adds value to the nose pin.

We also undertake bespoke commissions. The cost of the diamond nose pin will depend entirely on the design and materials (metal fineness and diamond) used.

It brings a lovely sparkle to your beautiful face – so choose a nose pin that’s been made to the highest standard. Made with solid gold and high quality diamonds, our nose pins are individually tested and certified by the IGIA (International Gemological Institute, India).

Diamond nose pins with certificates

Our website is updated in real time, so you can view the certificate for the nose pin that you’re actually looking at. Each Certificate of Authenticity has a unique number. Below that, you’ll see the shape/cut, weight, colour and clarity of the diamond. If the diamond certificate has not been uploaded, use Live Chat to ask us.

The obvious route is to choose the best diamond that you can afford. And we think that’s worthwhile, because you will probably wear your diamond nose pin for a long time.

Our gold nose pins are all set with diamonds that are Slightly Included (SI) or better, and rated at least H in the colour scale. That means you are receiving a diamond that has very few imperfections and of good colour.
The carat (weight) has greatest bearing on the price. If you’re looking for a delicate diamond nose pin – a twinkly highlight to the glow of your skin – then choose a diamond of around 0.04-0.03 carats. At 0.10 carat, your diamond will stand out more from your face, making a statement (a good choice for occasions).
If you’d like to upsize the diamond, or discuss a special commission, then please contact us using Live Chat or email us

The history of nose jewellery is firmly rooted in Indian culture and the tradition of wearing a gold nose pin upon marriage is an ancient one. Placing a nose pin in the left nostril is said to bring blessings of fertility and ease childbirth. It was fairly recently that nose piercings spread through the Western world and became popular with men as well as women.A 22ct gold nose studs becomes a beloved part of a woman’s jewellery collection, especially if it is worn to symbolise marriage. We understand how important the gold nose pin is, so our collection is simple, elegant, and well-made.

Choosing timeless design, white and yellow gold, and the very finest diamonds, we have curated a beautiful selection of nose pins.
You’re invited to come into the store and choose your nose pin. When it comes to diamonds, every one has a little of its own personality. We think the best way to find your perfect match is to come and look at the collection. Use the links on our product pages to make an appointment, telephone us, or use Live Chat for any questions.

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