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Be it in form of a locket, talisman, amulet, medallions, or paintings, pendants are vital to one’s jewellery collection. The word pendant is derived from the Latin word “pendere” which means to hang down. Fastened in a chain around the neck, pendants are elegant pieces that can be worn daily and on occasions.

It is said that good things often come in small packages. Whoever termed the quote down, we are sure must have thought of items of jewellery. At PureJewels our ladies gold jewellery pendants are designed to suit the needs of a 21st-century woman. These pendants are practical and chic.

Our alphabet/initial letter pendants are a popular choice. Studded with cubic zirconia (CZ), the pendant is suitable for everyday wear. It is crafted in 22K yellow gold. All alphabets are available in the store.

White gold pendants are a preference for a lot of women. The ladies pendants in this range take inspiration from floral motifs, hearts and geometry. The 18K white gold floret diamond pendant is a piece reflecting exquisiteness. Kite shaped 18K white gold pendant is a simple yet elegant piece. If you want to go for something more contemporary, you can check out our heart ladies pendant. Three hearts entwine and hold each other close with a row of diamonds. A variation on the heart is our other 18K pendant, where the body of the heart is filled with diamonds. The striking diamonds against the metal make for a delightful piece.

Vinyasa collection was inspired by the majestic bird- Peacock. This collection is an ode to their beautiful selves. Studded with a diamond, the peacock pendant can be made in different tones of gold. Our twin peacock pendant is another striking piece with sleek metal mountings to consider. The two peacocks in it, intertwined together in harmony.

If you are looking for more traditional pieces, we have you covered. From daily wear to occasion wear to your bridal wear, we have it all. Our yellow gold pendant with an antique finish is a classic choice. The 22K gold pendant shaped like a leaf and flower finished in rhodium, the Asian pendant resembling infinity, and the criss-cross gold pendant are other choices.

You can also find ladies pendants from our Diya, Jali and Anusha Collection. The diya collection was inspired by the candle diya. The Anusha collection is made of Polki stones finished with rose gold. These pieces are traditional and will suit all your occasions. The Jali collection is inspired by the intricate filigree. The pieces from this collection use filigree to showcase the designs.

The use of CZ stone also adds shine to a piece. The striking reflectivity of the stone, makes it suitable to be fit into equally striking metals such as gold. Some of our ladies gold jewellery pendants make use of CZ stones as well.

Platinum is a precious metal known for its alluring silvery-white glow. Our platinum diamond Venus necklace is an ode to platinum designer jewellery. Designed by the renowned Cindy Dennis Mangan, this piece was inspired by our founder’s journey over the oceans.

PureJewels also sells gold chains for ladies. These gold chains are of different lengths and weight. These gold chains are flexible and comfortable, and perfect to go with your ladies pendants.

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