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Rings for men have always been present throughout changing trends and fashion. When it comes to rings, a ring is not just a simple band enveloping the finger. Signet rings, Cameo rings, doctoral rings, birthstone ring, there is a ring to celebrate every bit of life, milestone or not. Each ring has its own significance.

At our atelier, we carry gold carry rings for a gentleman for all kinds of occasions. We not only have gold rings for the wedding but also for occasional and daily wear.

Our gents gold rings were designed with the ethos of modernity and practicality. These gold rings for gentleman fashioned out of 22K gold, are sure to go with all clothing from your wardrobe. Our gold bands come with various textures of design to choose from. Sleek lines, patterns inspired by nature and buildings, commercial polish, these gents rings are of lasting value and can adapt to changing fashion trends.

Our signet ring in 22K gold is another piece of excellence. Worn in the pinky finger, this signet ring is a classic for your wardrobe. There was once a time when more than signatures, a person’s signet ring was more valid to sign documents. These rings would be engraved with a family crest with great attention to detail. The wearer would press down the ring into the hot wax, and stamp it. Although today a mark of a signet ring is not considered as an official or legal signature, it is a popular piece of jewellery. The recent trends in men’s fashion have been leaning towards signet rings and are gaining popularity with women as well.

If you are looking for something different yet equally striking, you can go for our gold rings with textures rhodium plated. Rhodium plating is the process of plating one’s jewellery with the metal rhodium that not only provides it with a safeguard against scratching but also gives it a shiny white appearance. The electric white makes the piece stand out even further. Rhodium is also a precious metal and part of the platinum family. Not only that, but it is also the rarest precious metal.

Our wedding bands have stylish pieces in various metals such as palladium, platinum, and silver. We stock Christian Bauer rings which have their own legacy. Some embellished with diamonds, other just striking pieces, all of them are here to spoil you for choice.

Our rings can be made of the size according to the wearer. Whether you are gifting a certain gentleman a ring for his birthday or as an anniversary present or a festival gift or father’s day, these rings are sure to make the gentleman smile. If you are not sure about your ring size, you can always contact us and we can guide you through it.

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