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The only thing more special than a jewellery item is those items coming together to form a jewellery set. By definition, a jewellery set is a collection of items that can be worn together. It is not always necessary to have pieces from the same collections, one can always have various delightful combinations. At PureJewels we provide all jewellery items. We have a vast variety of rings, earrings, bridal tikka, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, nose studs, mangalsutras and anklets to spoil you from.

We take pride in always having something for everyone. We believe that jewellery should express individuality. It is a reflection of style and sentiments. Our jewellery sets have been categorised so that it is easier for you to navigate around and find the perfect piece for your collection.

White gold has a timeless appeal, spanning across trends. A contemporary favourite, striking white gold often compliments the diamonds set in it.

Our Vinyasa Collection was inspired by the majestic bird-Peacock. It is a popular collection among our buyers. Bold curves, sleek finishing, and striking peacock imagery make these pieces a favourite.

PureJewels had the pleasure of having celebrated jeweller Cindy Denis Mangam to design our Luminous Collection. Crafted in 18K white gold, each piece is striking and chic.

Our founder Bhanji Gokaldas started his journey from India to beautiful Africa where he found success. The Masaai collection is an ode to Masaai tribe and it was designed to honour them and their culture. Pieces from the collection are archived but can be ordered to be made.

Diamonds add that little drama and sparkle to any piece of jewellery. Their shine compliments the glimmer of the metal. The jewellery sets in this collection are of different tones of gold-rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

If you are looking for something traditional and bridal, you can go for our Armari Collection. The pieces are fashioned in 22K yellow gold and set with Polki diamonds. Polki diamonds are finely sliced and organically shaped. One can build a royal jewellery set out of pieces from this collection.

The Vinyasa Collection features bold strokes of a peacock, with alluring imagery. These pieces are contemporary and modern.

Our collection also provides striking and vital ornaments such as Mangaulstra, bangles and rings, for you to complete your bridal jewellery set.

Weddings are the ultimate celebrations. There is a union of two souls in the presence of loved ones. It is a celebration of love and life. A wedding also makes up for a good excuse to let your hair down and celebrate your jewellery with style.

Our bridal jewellery sets are all designed to add glamour to your special day. Traditional neckpieces, statement earrings, bold Nath, elegant maang tikka, textured pieces, embellished with CZ stone, diamonds and polki, we are here to spoil you for your choices. These traditional pieces have been crafted to reflect brilliant craftsmanship.

Some people collect stamps, some people collect coins and some people collect jewellery. One can build up jewellery set by adding more pieces over time that compliment it. It is not always necessary to have pieces from the same collection to build a jewellery set. The striking contrast can also make for a stylish statement. Jewellery sets are not only pieces of lasting value but also an extension of wearer’s style. The most important thing while making your jewellery set, is to have fun!

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