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A snowdrift of diamonds… or is it?  Our Sparkle bracelets have a diamond-like dusting of rhodium (the plating often used for white gold or platinum).  It looks just like a covering of tiny diamonds.  So if you want the maximum sparkle for your budget, choose from our rhodium bracelets jewellery collection.

Sparkle is designed for a good time.  The rhodium bracelets in this jewellery collection feature lots of glamorous glitter – all on a base of prestigious 22ct gold.  It’s been designed by our in-house team and remains a favourite in the store.

Looking for a gift for a party?  It’s gorgeous going-out jewellery, making a statement all by itself.  But a Sparkle rhodium bracelet will also add dazzle to your regular bangle stack!

Rhodium is a precious metal in the same family as platinum.  In fact it’s often used to plate platinum or white gold, as it’s brighter and harder.  Rhodium is very rare, and usually used as a plating.  We’ve used it to accent the texture of Sparkle, producing bracelets of a high shine and lustre.  This rhodium bracelets jewellery collection is exclusive to PureJewels.