Anusha Collection


Anusha Jewellery Collections – Emulating the rich tones of the sunrise, our stunning Anusha Jewellery collection has been crafted with fine, 22 carat (ct) Indian Rose Gold with a textured finish. Uncut 22 carat Polki diamonds embellish this collection in carefully arranged disc and sunburst patterns to suggest the luxurious intensity of the morning sun while being encircled by the delicate filigree of our 22 carat gold designs.

Our Anusha gold jewellery collection has an ample range of 22 carat gold pendants each with complementary 22 carat earrings suited to any ensemble. Alternatively, the Anusha 22ct south Indian gold statement necklace is perfect for lavish occasions and can be worn with any of the 22 ct gold vintage jewellery design bangles.
Sensational Polki diamonds in a new collection
Anusha celebrates the light-filled, mysterious Polki diamonds in a brand
new collection – finished with 22ct gold and beguiling details.
Traditionally Indian in style, Anusha is a luxurious range dressed in lots
and lots of diamonds.

Polki diamonds are on-trend. What makes them special? Unlike
traditional diamonds, which are painstakingly cut to create facets that
reflect light, Polki diamonds are left in their natural state. They don’t go
through the rigorous cutting process; instead, they are polished and set
into jewellery in all their natural glory. This forgiving approach gives you
diamonds that are full of character, with unique shape and interest.
They’re more moonlight than sunshine.

‘Polki’ and ‘Kundan’ are both used to describe a similar type of jewellery –
what’s the difference? Both are thought to date back to the Mughal era.
Polki refers to uncut diamonds, but the stones used in Kundan jewellery
are usually glass. Kundan jewellery is actually characterised by a certain
setting, with thin bands of gold that surround the stone so it can be better
admired. So you will see Kundan Polki jewellery (uncut diamonds, set in
the Kundan manner), but be aware that not all Kundan jewellery will
contain diamonds.