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If you like to be beautiful every day, then choose your favourites from our exquisite 22ct Sparkle Indian jewellery collection. These are bright, stylish and decadent pieces for the woman who likes to be playful with her look. With rose, yellow and white gold baubles and gold sparkle textured finish, this collection has a distinctive, fashion-forward style.

The sparkle finish is a tease: it has the appearance of rows of tiny diamonds, but in fact it’s been created with a texturing technique. The textured sections are plated with rhodium for a high shine, creating this radiant, star-like sparkle.

We’ve used it to great effect in our Sparkle Indian jewellery designs. Rhodium-plated sections are complemented by pretty baubles in rose and white gold for a fun, joyful look.

If you’re looking for something ordinary and traditional, you’re in the wrong place. The Gold Sparkle necklace collection is designed to be different. It’s perfect if you like jewellery to stand out and express your individuality! We have taken inspiration from Indian classics and given them a stylish twist of Sparkle.

The Sparkle necklace collection ranges from a radiant bauble pendant suspended from an elegant 22ct gold chain, to a long necklace of baubles with the characteristic Sparkle finish. It depends how lavish or decadent you’re feeling, but every piece in the collection is light, elegant, and suitable for everyday wear (assuming you are doing something wonder-filled and fabulous, and not just paperwork).

The Sparkle Indian jewellery collection is really a set of weekend favourites – the pieces of jewellery that will be the most-worn and easily-loved in any jewellery box. So bracelets and bangles are very important, because many of us will reach for one of those first.

The Sparkle bracelet collection includes some luxurious bangles, finished with one or two rose-hued baubles or, in one case, a full circle of Sparkle-textured 22ct gold baubles. Simpler bracelets include the elegant slender-line row of baubles and the irresistible rectangular 22ct gold bangle. Wear just one if you’re chic or several if you feel like showing off…

Some of our most wearable and versatile earrings are here. The Sparkle finish gives them a note of glamour, but the light, delicate construction makes them ideal for everyday wear.

There are elegant droplets in full 22ct yellow gold as well as baubles featuring the rhodium plating for high contrast. Team them up with a co-ordinating necklace for fabulous occasionwear.

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