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Indian jewellery with heritage
Since our founder sailed to Britain in the 1970s, PureJewels has become an established Indian jeweller in the heart of East London.  We combine old-fashioned techniques and inspiration with a contemporary style.  PureJewels is now the first port of call for anyone looking for an Indian necklace, like the marital Mangal Sutra, or traditional Indian earrings.  In the show room, you’ll find 22ct bangles by the dozen – like the popular Jali bangles, all intricately crafted and perfectly polished.

Indian jewellery traditions
India is famed for its history of adornment.  For centuries, Indian people have worn jewels on their heads, necks, wrists, and toes – we are lavish with our pearls, diamonds, gold and rubies.  We love to continue this tradition.  At PureJewels, we invest in design to bring you fresh new pieces in the ancient Indian style.  Our small design team works from historic artwork, architecture, and culture to create sensational contemporary work with an Indian heart.

Gold Indian jewellery gifts
Here you’ll find an abundance of gorgeous gift ideas, including intricate filigree bangles in 22ct gold; classic Jumkha earrings in 22ct gold; and signature baby bracelets.  If you know what you want, send us a message or open Live Chat.  Our jeweller is available to discuss commissions or particular requests.  PureJewels is a family firm – if you can then please come in, and meet us.