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 - 22ct Heart Pendant
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Welcome to our joyful Gold Festival

Also known as the PureJewels Sale! This is where we keep all our sale
jewellery, including 22ct gold earrings, white gold Mangal Sutra, and
traditional Indian bangles. There is plenty to tempt you into spoiling
yourself just a little bit…

Save money on gold… feel wonderful

One day the boss said, “How about a Gold Festival, with all our best
offers, kicking off in January?” During a month that’s unfavourably wintry,
when many people are starting to plan holidays, weddings, and occasions,
our Gold Festival brings sparkle and splendour. We’ve kept the Gold
Festival on the website because it makes us happy. Here’s where you will
find all our best savings on Indian jewellery, from 22ct gold earrings to
jaw-dropping gold bangles.

Indian jewellery sales – be first to know

You won’t want to miss updates to our Gold Festival, so make it easy to
follow. Just visit us on Facebook or Instagram, where we post our latest
collections and information about sales and special events. We’re usually
available on social media and Live Chat if you have any questions, or
you’re looking to save money on something particular. Don’t forget that
if you pop into our Indian gold Jewellery ,Gold Shop in Green Street London, you can also find out about our Savings scheme,
and start saving up for a special purchase (with no obligation).