Occasion Wear Bangles

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22 Carat Gold Bangles UK22 Carat Gold Bangles UK

22 Carat Gold Bangles UK


Occasion wear gold bangles are decorative bracelets that are typically made from gold and worn on special occasions such as weddings, engagements, or other special events. They can range in style from simple, minimalist designs to more elaborate, ornate pieces. Gold bangles are a popular accessory for women of all ages and are often given as gifts to commemorate special events.

Between the two, Brass is better suited for gold plated jewellery instead of Zinc. The quality of jewellery, when made in brass, is better when compared to jewellery made in zinc. Not just that, brass normally doesn’t have allergic reactions on one’s skin but zinc on the other hand contains nickel due to which it tends to cause allergic reactions. Also, Zinc jewellery tends to leave a green residue on the skin when worn for longer durations.

Gold can be purchased in the form of bricks, biscuits, coins and small gold balls. These gold balls can be used to make bangles and other pieces of jewellery. Gold bangles can be crafted from the very beginning by hand using small gold balls. These balls are heated at a very high temperature in the furnace until gold reaches its melting point and changes its form from solid to liquid. Further, the molten gold is poured into the mould for the casting process to start. After the metal is poured, it takes the desired shape and structure like that of the bangle. Further, the bangle is filed, polished, detailed and finished to perfection, ready to be adorned by you.

Although it is always better to measure and find your exact bangle size before making a purchase, people often tend to go for sizes that do not compliment their wrists and therefore we are often asked about how to increase the size of bangles.

To get your bangle size increased, you can find a jewellery craftsman nearby and share your exact measurements with him. Further, you could get the bangle size increased by getting the bangle through the conical tool that is traditionally used to increase the bangle size without cutting or damaging it. Once put through the conical tool, the karigar would further press it down towards the wider edge with the help of a hammer. Once done, the bangle would need a few finishing touches and would be perfect for you to wear.

When a bangle has been crafted in a different metal, that is if the base metal in which the jewellery has been crafted is not gold but is silver, brass or any other metal, which is further coated with an additional and very thin layer of gold, it would be considered as a gold plated bangle. The main metal or in other words the base metal can be any metal of your choosing and that doesn’t cause allergic reactions on the skin. For example, the main metal could be zinc, brass or silver and can be further plated with gold.