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18ct White Gold Bracelet | 7 Inches
18ct White Gold Gents Bracelet

18ct White Gold Gents Bracelet


At PureJewels all our products have been hallmarked by The Assay Office. A hallmark is an assurance of metal fineness. All our bracelets are manufactured in gold unless and until otherwise stated. With each bracelet, we provide information on metal purity and the metal used. The only way to tell if a bracelet has real gold content in it would be to get it checked at the Assay Office for conclusive and fair results. There are density tests that one can run at home, but factors like the weight of gemstone and accuracy are issues.

At PureJewels we offer a collection of bracelets for all kinds of occasions. Some designs are minimal while some have their own flair of drama. Depending on the design of the bracelet, the gold weight varies. Our gold bracelets weigh start from 5 grams and go all the way till 54 grams. We can customize the bracelet according to you. We also have bracelets for kids and infants which are lower in weight for comfort. Our gold bracelets also come in various sizes.

We offer additional services at PureJewels in regards to cleaning and polishing. You can get your gold bracelet to us to get it polished professionally. If you want to polish your gold bracelet at home, you can use warm water and soap. Use a brush to scrub your bracelet. Do not use chemicals you are not familiar with. If your gold bracelet has gemstones, it is always advisable to bring it in-store and get it polished professionally. Different gemstones have different hardness level along with reactions to heat, pressure and chemicals. For gemstones bracelets especially, you can bring in the piece to polish every six months.

It may sound immodest but we think true that here is a selection of the most beautiful bracelets in the world.  Indian in spirit, but highly refined in embodiment, they are fashioned from the finest metals and gemstones and finished with breathtaking craftsmanship.  From intricately filigreed, 22ct gold, to stylish rose gold and lustrous sapphire and peridot, the materials and design give this collection presence and distinction.

22ct Indian Gold Bracelets

Of course, PureJewels has specialised in bracelets, particularly Indian bracelets, for 40 years, and our buyers know exactly which alleys and studios to visit when they’re choosing a new collection.  Our in-house designer has been filling her sketchbook and many of the 22ct gold bracelets here are unique to PureJewels.

How to choose an Indian gold bracelets UK

If you know and love the recipient, then you are perfectly equipped to choose her a gold bracelet.  Begin with a look at her existing jewellery collection.  Does she likes 24 carat gold bracelet, Does she prefer dainty, slender pieces or big, dramatic statements?  Does she love the rich shine of yellow gold, the cool glitter of white gold, or the sophisticated allure of rose gold?  Would she choose a bright, confident gemstone like a sapphire or does a classic, elegant diamond make her heart beat?  Now you are able to narrow down your choices and choose a gold bracelet that she will love.

Big, bright and stylish:  The Sapphire and Aquamarine bracelet is inspired by Indian culture but is in keeping with modern style and easy to wear any day of the week.

Sophisticated and fashion-forward:  If you want to make a serious impact, our Rose Gold and Diamond bracelet (part of a co-ordinating collection) is a sensation.  It’s light and slender but loaded with diamonds that twinkle against the warm glow of copper-tinted gold.

Romantically traditional:  If she embraces her heritage, then our gorgeous, 22ct gold Poncha is irresistible.  Beautifully detailed but elegantly simple, it is a masterpiece of design in top-class gold.

For very personal advice, try our Live Chat facility, or call the store to make an appointment.

22ct Indian gold bracelet

Our heritage in Indian gold doesn’t start with Grandpa Bhanji.  The Indian affection for gold spans centuries.  Today we source the very finest 22ct Indian gold as well as creating our own designs, inspired by our culture and history.  PureJewels is a trusted brand specialising in Indian gold and that tradition means the world to us.

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