Mens Chains

Men’s jewellery can be traced back to the Neanderthal. Remnants of gent’s jewellery were also found in Croatia. While the designs today may have evolved, gent’s jewellery has always been present and will be. The ancient Egyptians wore gold chains because the believed that it would ward off evil spirits. They wore it for strength and luck. Over the years, the emphasis shifted on women’s jewellery. However, due to changes in popular culture and fashion, men’s jewellery made a comeback. Gents gold chains in particular made a comeback. While we cannot guarantee you that wearing a gold chain will ward off evil spirits and grant you luck, we can definitely guarantee that gold chains can accentuate a gentleman’s wardrobe. There is something extremely striking, about the interwoven patterns of gold, laced together to go around one’s neck.

Gold chains are versatile pieces of jewellery. They can be minimalistic or incline towards ornate designs. They can be heavy, or lightweight in nature. They often are single chains or a couple of chains are linked together to add volume to them. We believe that every piece of jewellery should express individuality. The gent’s chains at PureJewels are crafted out of gold. Gold is an excellent choice due to its characteristics of been malleable and ductile. Malleable refers to the ability to be shaped and bent without breaking. Ductility on the other hand refers to the characteristic of being able to be drawn into a wire without breaking. Gold does not tarnish. Out of all precious metals it is relatively easy to clean. Since chains are accessories that can be worn daily, fashioning chains out of gold gives a great feel. At PureJewels you will find gold chains of various designs. These designs are inspired by the mechanisms of objects from our daily lives.

Our Gold Rope gents gold chains take inspiration as the name suggests, from a structure of a rope. These men’s gold chains are opulent and classic.

Our Box Chains are made of angular-interlocking links, joined together by box or square looking metal. This repetitive pattern gives its look to a row of boxes and thus the name.

Our Foxtail men’s gold chains follow the pattern of slanted oval linkings facing one another. Foxtail chains are quite popular because they give a sense of volume, despite being lightweight.

A Spiga chain derives its inspiration from the pattern of number eight. These chains have interlinking of the shape of 8. It’s intricacy also makes it ideal if you want to add in lockets.

If chains had personalities, our Gold Curb gents chain would definitely fall into the category of a superstar. The entire chain radiates stardom. Curb links have oval links, attached together, twisted, and then flattened. Not only do they look striking, but they are also the easiest to repair.

Gents chains can be gifted to them on several occasions. They make for perfect anniversary gifts as well as birthday gifts. Men’s gold chains are versatile pieces, that go with almost any look from their wardrobe. Our men’s gold chains, come in different sizes and weights. If you want to try them on, pop in our shop to discover our range. One should always try on a chain before buying so that it is the right piece of jewellery for them.