The Finest Indian Gold Earrings

As with everything we produce here at PureJewels, our Indian gold earrings are beautiful pieces, infused with our Indian culture through the traditional designs and production techniques we employ. Our 22 ct gold earrings Indian are all created with tradition and come in a range of different designs to suit all tastes, moods, and occasions.

Indian Gold Earrings

We are proud to offer a versatile range of earrings, from our Jali range, which features delicate, but intricately constructed, Indian gold stud earrings, to our 22 carat gold Kundan earrings which feature a pair of jewels whose deep red and green respectively complement one another and bring out the shine of the gold beneath.

Our History and how we work with 22 Carat Indian Gold Earring Designs

In 1921, Bhanji Gokaldas, like millions of other Indians, sought his fortune in many of the neighbouring countries which had just begun to emerge as economic powers. At the tender age of 18, Bhanji bid his family goodbye to set sail for Eastern Africa to become his own boss; he took the money he had with him to rent a workshop in Nairobi and from here he begun crafting jewellery, infusing his work with the techniques and style of his home. His skill at his craft soon made him successful and eventually, he and his young family left for London.

Indian Gold Earrings UK

For the last 35 years, our family has kept with the tradition of providing a warm and welcoming experience to all our customers. We often find customer testimonials from those who have previously purchased our white gold cufflinks and solid gold cufflinks often compliment us on the authenticity and beauty of our jewellery as we take a great deal of pride in offering the best quality service that we can.