Gold Chains

Gold Chains have been around since ancient civilizations. We are not surprised. Their versatility and charm make them alluring and perfect for not only day-to-day wear but also on occasions. There are various styles of gold chains out there. But how do you choose the right gold chain for you? To help you, we have compiled a mini guide that answers all your questions. Our guide will help answer your questions on cost, design, and cleaning for you to make the best decision.

The cost of a 5-gram gold chain or a 10-gram gold chain would depend on the price of the gold as well as the machinery used and the craftsman. There are various factors that contribute to the price of a fine gold chain. On our website and in-store, you will find gold chains of varying weights, lengths, and styles.

All jewellery in the UK that is made using precious metals and meets the weight requirement, is required to be hallmarked. All items above 1.0g of gold by law are required to be hallmarked. A hallmark is a series of stamped marks that provides information on different aspects such as the fineness of the gold, and assay office.

All our products at PureJewels are hallmarked. So whether it is a gold chain for sale or a chunky gold chain necklace or a thin gold chain, all of them are hallmarked and are real gold chains. These gold neck chains can also be worn with our gold pendants which are also hallmarked or on their own.

Always buy products that are hallmarked to ensure you’re buying solid gold. If you have a doubt, you can always get your jewellery checked by a jeweller or send it to the assay office.

There are various factors involved in the cost of a 22K gold chain. Mainly the costs depend on innovative machinery, the weight of the gold, length of the gold chain, style of the fine gold, et cetera. A combination of these factors determines the cost of a 22K gold chain. At PureJewels, we have a variety of gold chain necklaces. These are crafted in 22K gold using state-of-the-art technology under the eye of our excellent craftsmen. These 22K gold chains are available in different tones of gold such as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The various styles of gold chain that we have at our atelier are Spiga chain, rope chain, box chain, thin gold chain, chunky gold chain, fancy chain et cetera. All these gold chains have varying lengths and weights. A combination of all the above will determine the cost of a 22K gold chain.

Yes! Absolutely. Gold chains have been around since ancient civilizations. They were one of the first pieces of jewellery. People would weave flowers together, make necklaces out of shells et cetera. Fine gold chains are valuable not only due to their intrinsic value but also their longevity. Gold is a precious metal. Just like diamonds are forever, so is gold jewellery. Gold jewellery can often be recycled and used to create newer pieces. Upkeep of gold chains is also extremely easy. All these factors make a gold chain worth it. Apart from their benefits, gold chains are also perfect fashion statements. Every wardrobe needs a gold chain. Whether it is a long gold chain or a thick gold chain or a plain gold chain, a fine gold chain makes for a memorable gift.

Jewellery is form an adornment. Gold chains around the world are worn for different purposes. Some wear gold chains for cultural reasons, religious reasons, adornment et cetera. Some also wear it to signify their marital status. Some wear it as passed-down tokens. Some also buy gold chains as a form of investment. Gold chains also make for wonderful gifts for different occasions. While all these purposes are varied, they all showcase the beauty and elegance of a fine gold chain.

Gold chains come in various weights. There are also lightweight gold chains that can be made in 3 grams of gold. The minimum weight required would vary on the design, length, style of the gold chain et cetera. It all depends on your wants and needs. Gold chains are extremely fashionable across different weights. So whether it is a chunky gold chain or a lightweight simple gold chain, it has a charm of its own.