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Wearing gold mala necklaces is a truly beloved tradition. It enhances your spiritual wellbeing and connects you to your culture and faith. PureJewels has interpreted the tradition of wearing a mala to create an exclusive range of 22ct gold necklaces. Based on the classic Mala design, the 22ct gold Mala can be a beautiful daily favourite and a significant part of a bridal jewellery set.
The Mala, traditionally made from 108 beads and used in prayer, is a versatile piece of jewellery. There is no bad way to wear a Mala necklace! It can be worn long or short, and even wrapped around the wrist – traditionally the right or dominant wrist.

PureJewels specialises in Indian jewellery and we love to interpret a tradition in a new way. So our designers have created a collection of 22ct gold Mala necklaces to offer alongside the classic Mala. There is a 16” version (Anusha 22ct gold necklace) and another set with uncut Polki diamonds (Anusha 22ct gold necklace with polki). We have plenty of more traditional choices, like the Sparkle Mala – a dazzling 22ct gold Mala with rhodium accents. If you’re looking for a delicate Mala that you can wear with anything, we have a lighter Sparkle Mala for everyday enjoyment.
22ct gold necklaces

If your heart isn’t set on a Mala necklace, we have a wide range of 22ct gold necklaces of all lengths and styles. Many are designed by our team as part of our exclusive collections, such as the Vinyasa collection, which centres around a peacock motif with diamonds and other gemstones used for accents. To try on any of our 22ct gold mala necklace please make an appointment to come into the showroom and enjoy choosing!

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