18 carat White Gold Diamond Mangalsutra
Timeless 18ct Diamond MangalsutraTimeless 18ct Diamond Mangalsutra

Timeless 18ct Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond Mangalsutra in 18ct White GoldDiamond Mangalsutra in 18ct White Gold
18ct White Gold Mangalsutra Diamond18ct White Gold Mangalsutra Diamond

18ct White Gold Mangalsutra Diamond

18ct White Gold Mangalsutra18ct White Gold Mangalsutra

18ct White Gold Mangalsutra

18 carat White Gold Mangalsutra18 carat White Gold Mangalsutra

18 carat White Gold Mangalsutra


PureJewels is a family jewellery with Indian ancestry. With an emphasis on design and technique, our collections have won contemporary awards and acclaim in the UK.  So if you’re looking for an authentic 22ct gold mangalsutra online, there’s no better place to begin.

In the Hindu tradition, a mangalsutra is tied around the bride’s neck on her wedding day.  It’s similar to a wedding ring and can be worn endlessly from that point – although many modern women now keep their Mangalsutra for special occasions.

The traditional necklace was made in yellow or gold and black – colours chosen to ward off the evil eye.  It is believed to protect the couple and increase fertility.  These days most mangalsutra are made with 22ct gold and black beads.  They sometimes include diamonds or other decorative features.

Gold and diamond Mangalsutra from our UK store

The tradition of Mangalsutra is much-loved by Indian brides.  It is a beautiful piece of jewellery with a great deal of cultural history.  Once tied on by the groom, it becomes a memento of a very special day – there’s no lovelier necklace to keep in your collection.

This is a piece of jewellery to splash out on.  So if your budget stretches to a diamond Mangalsutra, then it is a worthwhile investment.  You will wear and love this necklace for many years.

You can choose a mangalsutra set with any stones of your choosing or even meenakari, if you like a colourful piece.  We have plenty of traditional Mangalsutra designs in stock – use Live Chat to reach the store for availability.

If you’re not committed to yellow gold then explore our contemporary mangalsutra in white gold mangalsutra and rose gold mangalsutra– modern, elegant and traditional.   You’ll get a lot of wear from your mangalsutra if you choose a style that fits your personality and wardrobe.  After all, this is not a piece that was ever intended to be kept in the jewellery box.  So pick one that’s special to you, and enjoy wearing it forever.

Our white gold Vinyasa mangalsutra is a recent addition to the collection.  This exclusive diamond mangalsutra features the Indian peacock – a symbol of pride and confidence.  It makes a sensational centrepiece for the Mangalsutra, surrounded by diamonds for a fabulous flourish.

We are proud to offer a diverse and stylish collection of mangalsutra in the UK market; browse online or visit our luxurious store on Green Street, London.