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Long Necklaces, specifically long gold necklaces have always been a quintessential part of the Indian bridal attire. It is a classic piece of jewellery. Your bridal outfit is complete once you have a long gold necklace. A long gold chain necklace is not restricted just to the bride. If there is an occasion that calls for it, by all means, it is going to compliment your traditional look. Our designs are modern yet rooted in tradition. You can even wear a long rose gold necklace if you want to stand out!

Our bridal antique necklace is from the Rosette collection. This collection has drawn inspiration from motifs across the continent. PureJewels ’s journey started from India, traveled further to Africa before finally settling down in London. Truly, a world without borders. Rosette collection is an ode to it. It unites motifs of African violet, Indian lotus, and the English rose. Our long gold chain necklace from this collection is an execution of the same. Crafted in 22K yellow gold, a splendid piece of jewellery finished with an antique look, this gold necklace is definitely something people will not be able to take eyes off.

Our Jali collection has also a wider range of designs to choose from. The word Indian word Jali means a filigree like a pattern. Our necklaces draw inspiration from the lattice-like structure woven into elegant pieces. The designs are contemporary, yet they are very much rooted in the aesthetics of royalty. The long gold pendant necklaces are made in 22K yellow gold. The pendants are intricate along with a touch of opulence.

At PureJewels we believe that jewellery should not be boring. The advantage of a long life classic piece of jewellery is the many ways we can style it. If you are in the mood to be indulgent, you can always stack up the long necklaces. Stacking up long necklaces can create a very splendour look.

To achieve this look, adjust the size of the necklaces. Make sure the necklaces do not overlap with each other and there is a certain gap between them. You can also wear our long gold initial necklace with it to add in more drama. You can mix it up and match it with our long gold fringe necklace. The possibilities are endless! If you any other design ideas in mind, you can always bring it to us, and we can work on it.

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