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In India, it is a common tradition to make kids wear gold jewellery even when they are young. The qualities of gold are said to aid one in health. Gold jewellery for kids make for a good investment and thoughtful gift.

At PureJewels we offer jewellery for everyone. Age is really just a number for us. We also have collections for kids of all ages. The jewellery items made for them are kids pendants, chains, bracelets, hoop earrings, studs and baby bangles. These pieces are crafted in different tones of gold as well as precious metal such as platinum. Studded with diamonds and CZ stones the pieces are cute and stylish just like the kids wearing them.

The benefits of owning gold jewellery can be enjoyed over a period of time. Our gold pendants are designed for kids with emphasis paid to the style and weight.

Our initial pendant is a perfect gift for kids. Initial letter pendant range are available for all letters. These gold pendants for child are embellished with CZ stone. CZ stones have an alluring shine of their own.

Our gold filigree pendants are intricate and fun. These gold pendants for kids feature design which is simple yet detailed. Along with the filigree, the pendants are textured to provide a dynamic look. Crafted in 22K yellow gold, these kid’s pendants are lightweight and can be worn for daily use.

Our 22K gold pendant is a shape of a kite, with a rope-like lattice structure. Like all our gold pieces, this pendant is also hallmarked.

You can also opt for an 18K white gold diamond pendant. The heart makes a delicate shape, and in the curve of heart, diamonds are embellished.

It is no surprise that children enjoy nature and being outdoors. Taking inspiration from that, we have designed our 22K gold flower pendant and 22K gold Indian pendant.

Gold pendants for kids are easy to maintain and clean. Children can wear these pendants without any fear of damage and maintenance. Kids gold pendants were designed keeping in mind the forever energetic behaviour of kids and their tendency to be active. These pieces can be easily cleaned at home with a mild soap solution. Kids pendants can be worn daily or on any occasion.

Apart from gold pendants for kids, we also stock comfortable gold chains. These gold chains are flexible and suitable for kids to wear daily as well.

If you are looking to customise something for kids, we can help you out. All you have to do is come to our store or reach out to us!

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