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22 inches 22ct gold chain by PureJewels

The allure of gold will never fade.  Whether you buy it to invest and save, wear and love, or pass along to your children, a gold chain is always in style.

22ct gold is the most luxurious weight for gold chains. A 22 inches 22ct gold chain is probably too long for a younger person but ideal for men and women, especially on a formal occasion. We offer a diverse selection of chains, ranging from glamorous Foxtail to contemporary Box and Rope chains. Come in store to discover the differences. If you’d like to learn more, open Live Chat and you will reach an in-store advisor.

Investing in 22 inches 22ct gold chain…

When you buy a 22 inches 22ct gold chain or any other thing in gold, you make a long term investment. We try to specify the weight for every chain on its product page; if it’s missing, send us a quick message and we will reply as soon as possible.

Layering 22ct gold yellow chains…

Who says it should be layered with more yellow gold? We love a 22 inches 22ct gold chain layered with white gold too. The maxi length is perfect if you want to create the vintage Chanel-style waterfall effect.