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Platinum jewellery with a hint of the East

Wedding rings, engagement rings, and occasionwear – platinum is a luxurious choice for any commitment. We offer some of our in-house designs in platinum (such as the Gaja and Bombay Deco engagement rings), besides a wide range of wedding bands from our favourite wedding jewellery designer.

Mark milestones with platinum

It’s one of the most hardwearing metals, which is why many men and women choose platinum for a wedding band to last forever.  Platinum is so tough that it is used for hard disk drives, dental equipment, and catalytic converters.

Platinum is also extremely rare, and scarce in its natural state.  Naturally this makes it desirable, and jewellers have given it a glossy, rhodium finish to complement the cool, contemporary look.  It’s not everybody who will have a piece of platinum… which makes these pieces of jewellery even more special.

Platinum engagement rings

Our engagement rings are designed by our team and incorporate a sense of history and culture – a hint of the East.  Gaja was inspired by a royal elephant carrying the Maharani; Bombay Deco is a celebration of the glamorous architecture in Mumbai; and the Lotus symbolises the beauty and serenity of a lotus flower.  We know you’ll find a ring here to love for all time.

Each one is masterfully crafted in platinum and set with a diamond that our jeweller has chosen for fire and brilliance.  (Read more about our diamond selection process by visiting our Engagement Rings page.)

If you’d like to ask any questions about our platinum engagement rings, start Live Chat.  You’ll be able to communicate with an advisor from our London Store – the same team that you may have met if you’ve visited us before!

Platinum wedding bands

Your wedding band needn’t be ordinary.  Instead it could be polished or buffed, inlaid with diamonds or edged in contrasting gold: our platinum wedding bands show that you can be creative with your choice.  After all, you’ll wear it for the rest of your life.

Much of our men’s platinum jewellery is designed and made by Christian Bauer.  Creative and cutting-edge, this legendary jeweller now has a sprawling and eco-sympathetic office on the outskirts of a fairytale forest in Germany.  The range is romantic, varied and unique.  We think you’ll be pleased with your choice here.

Platinum jewellery online

It is perfectly possible to buy your wedding band or engagement ring online, but you’ll get a warm welcome if you come into our London store.  Reserve your choice using the website or book an appointment and you can enjoy exclusive attention while you try on your favourites.

We have many clients who come in with their own ideas and PureJewels has the in-house design expertise to create personal visions.  Or you can choose one of our distinctive engagement rings and come in to hand-pick the diamond that will be set into it!