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Sunshine in a box

If you’re here then you must be looking for a remarkable gift – the kind
that makes it onto the “Best Present” top three for life. You’ve made a
wise decision. PureJewels gold gifts are highly coveted and prized. Will it
be a pair of intricate Jumkha earrings in 22ct gold, a fabulous, exotic
cocktail ring, or a real diamond nose pin? Go and choose some 22ct gold

We love earrings.

Generous, gorgeous Jumkha; elegant, voluptuous hoops; or starry, dainty
studs. We have room for all these in our hearts (and jewellery boxes). It’s
easy to choose a pair of gold earrings at PureJewels. If she loves earrings,
and has an affinity with the Indian culture, then she will adore our
traditionally-influenced collection. On this page are some of our
favourites in the £200-500 price range.

Gold nose pins for everyone

Traditionally worn upon marriage, gold nose pins have been adopted far
and wide. We love the classic Indian design – a chic crescent with a real
diamond clasped at the end. For our gold nose pins we insist on 18ct
white gold or 22ct yellow gold, and we think it’s worth it, because this is a
piece of jewellery that will become part of her everyday wear.

22ct gold bracelets

Irresistibly feminine and utterly indulgent – there’s a reason Indian royals
used to wear stacks of bracelets along their arms. Ours are mostly made
in 22ct gold, often formed into hollow beads to render it light and
wearable. There’s even a 22ct gold baby bracelet or two in this section, in
case you want to lavish your little one with love…