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Watches have been around for centuries. What started as pocket watches evolved into wristwatches. Over the years, these watches have gone from plain-looking watches with limited technology, to beautiful timepieces that reflect strength and character. At PureJewels, we have an excellent collection of watches from different watchmakers around the world. These watches for men are pieces to be cherished forever.  

Luxury watches are timeless pieces for one to have in their wardrobe. A luxury watch is not just a sleek device, it is a token of one’s milestones in life. At PureJewels we are proud to be authorized stockists for Raymond Weil and Rado. 

Raymond Weil watches have been synonymous with unparalleled quality and use of avant-garde technology. These pieces are classical as well as enigmatic. At our atelier you can find watches from collections Maestro, and Freelancer. With beautiful dials, some giving a peek into the watch’s anatomy, these sleek pieces are an epitome of elegance. Not only that, but you are also spoiled for a leather strap, or a stainless steel one with different tones of metal. These watches for men make for excellent gifts for any occasion.

Rado watches are known to combine modern designs with matched technology. At PureJewels we stock watches from the collections: Coupole Classic, HyperChrome, and Centrix. The Centrix Automatic Open Heart Mens Watch provides a look at the anatomy of the watch. The fine swiss workings are evident in each piece. These watches for men are gifts for a lifetime. The HyperChrome collection constitutes of versatile pieces to go with your sports gear as well as professional attire. The Coupole Classic collection features pieces that are traditional and express individuality. The Centrix collection showcases watch with open heart, giving a glimpse in the precision and intricacy of the inner workings of the watch.

If there is a specific watch you’re looking for and cannot find it, you can always contact us for more details. 

To make sure that your timepiece is in effect condition, make sure you follow certain steps. Always take it to a professional to have it cleaned. Do not try to wash it with soap water at home. While the watch is not being used, store it in a proper watch box. Do not spray perfume or cologne on it. Do not get it near magnets. If you think something is wrong with the watch, bring it to an authorized professional. Ensure that you are taking care of the crystal as well as not exposing it to too much sunlight or other chemicals.