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Design-led Rado watches

Why choose a Rado watch?  Let us illuminate you. At PureJewels, we’ve been selling Rado watches since the 1980s.  This Swiss brand has a design-led approach and a fascinating history.  A Rado watch is eminently suited to landmark occasions and makes a memorable gift; it’s an intelligent choice and a real heritage piece.

The history of Rado watches

In 1917, the three Schlup brothers established a modest watch-making atelier in Switzerland.  While they quietly accumulated experience and expertise, their factory grew and in 1950 they launched their first world collection.  In 1962 this story gets really interesting: Rado launched the very first scratch-proof watch, the iconic DiaStar.  It was one of the first in the world to incorporate sapphire crystal, and the metallised crystal face was remarkably resilient.  It was all part of their mission to create watches to last a lifetime.  Rado continued to develop the DiaStar but in 1986 revolutionised the watch face yet again, raising the standard with high-tech ceramic.  Incredibly strong and tough, high-tech ceramic is ceramic that’s been heated to a very high temperature, producing that metallised finish.  The Rado Integral watch was the first to use this innovative material (so-called because the case was seamless), followed by the Rado Ceramica in 1990 – which featured high-tech ceramic with metallised sapphire crystal.

During the 1990s, Rado developed a minimalist aesthetic – look at the True Thinline (an elegant 5mm watch with integrated bracelet) or Esenza Touch (with touch technology), two styles which have become modern classics.  In 2012, the HyperChrome was released: an elegant model with a sleek, Monobloc case.   While some Rado watches are set with diamonds, most simply focus on the quality of engineering and the perfection of the materials.  Moving with the industrial trend, Rado OpenHeart watches – available in many of the classic models – expose the inner workings, a mark of the brand’s attention to detail and pride in manufacture.

Rado watches x design

Today the company supports the design industry by sponsoring various awards, and works in collaboration with noteworthy designers, including Jasper Morrison (Britain) and Konstantin Grcic (Germany).  Its watch models have won many international awards, including Good Design awards in the USA, Taiwan, Australia and Germany.

Rado watches are renowned for cutting-edge technology and design as well as strength and originality.  Whether you’re investing, collecting, or giving, a Rado watch is an interesting and expert choice.

Our favourite Rado watches for men

If your budget allows, then a Rado watch is an exceptional gift – perhaps on retirement or marriage – because it is sure to be worn and loved for many years, and probably decades, to come.  At PureJewels we’ve been stocking Rado watches for 40 years, and seen many happy customers returning in their watches to buy another.  In that time we’ve discovered exactly what you look for in a watch.  So here’s a selection of firm favourites.

The Rado Hyperchrome is modelled on the classic gents’ watch but it does much more.  Rado has bettered the traditional stainless steel with its innovative high-tech ceramic: a material that looks metallised but stays smoother for longer.  The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant with an anti-glare coating, and the movement needs only your energy to be charged up.  In short, a watch that demands little, and gives a great deal.

For the mechanical voyeur, Rado’s Hyperchrome OpenHeart displays the engineering at the heart of the watch.    Sophisticated with a contemporary edge, it’s great for watch connoisseurs, and you’d never be bored of watching the tiny cogs turn in time.  The Openheart is a continual best-seller at PureJewels and comes in many of Rado’s favourite models so, if you find one that you love, our advice is to order it immediately.

For the modern gent, the Rado True Thinline is a coolly contemporary piece.   Ideal for everyday wear, it measures just 0.5cm and is protected with anti-glare, scratchproof crystal.

Use the website to browse some of our latest Rado watches for men, but note that we have new models in store regularly: use online Chat if you’re looking for a certain model.

Our favourite Rado watches for women

It may be an 80s design, but the Integral has a sleek and contemporary shape – the ceramic case contrasts black against warm tones of rose gold.  Choose the Integral Diamonds if you’re in a luxurious mood.  It coordinates with everything and makes any outfit look elegantly put-together.  This is our top pick for style icons of every era.

Meanwhile, in 2018… the contemporary Coupole is suited to the active woman, with a link bracelet in stainless steel and the super-tough sapphire crystal dial.  It will fall in with your brisk pace, and keep time to a busy schedule.  We love the Coupole Diamonds, a minimalist design with four diamonds to measure the passing of time.

Rado’s streamlined sports watch, the True Thinline, is named because it’s half a centimetre thick – really elegant on the wrist, and thoroughly practical.  Crafted with Rado’s sapphire crystal, which is almost entirely scratchproof, it is perfect for busy women.

Browse our Rado watches for women online, or come in to try on your favourite.  Remember that we receive new models regularly, so message us if you’ve seen something special.

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