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The metal platinum and diamond go hand in hand, not only because they make for splendour pieces of jewellery and complement each other in their nature, but also because of what they stand for. Platinum is a rare white metal which is known for its hardness, durability and lustre. It is because of this nature that it is a practical companion for a diamond. They promise the idea of a strong relationship that foreshadows a beautiful forever.

Platinum rings make for excellent wedding rings. Platinum as metal works excellently in jewellery because of its strength and hardness. Not only that, but it is also hypoallergenic in nature, i.e. it is quite rare for it to cause a rash or an allergy, unlike other materials. Platinum gets its colour from its own self, unlike white gold which has an added alloy in it. History is a testimony to the fact that a lot of great jewellers have used platinum. Platinum is a preferred material for setting diamonds and other gemstones because of its durability. It does not lose its shine or tarnish over time. It is exquisite and can be worn daily without fearing wear and tear. It accentuates a diamond’s beauty even further.

At PureJewels we are versatile and cater to platinum lovers as well. Our platinum wedding and engagement rings are sure to add in the glamour on your special day. Our selection had a wide range of choices. A platinum and diamond ring also makes for a good allegory; the promise of everlasting and forever, just like one’s expectations of love.

PureJewels is an authorised stockist for Christian Bauer. Christian Bauer has a philosophy of simple and everlasting designs. The brand practises its philosophy of being sustainable. Whether it is the split platinum diamond wedding ring, or a simple band with a wood grain inspired texture, or a band that draws inspiration from the sea with a clever centre groove, you are spoilt for choices. Along with that, its skilled craftsmanship adds in the element of perfection.

Our other platinum engagement rings offer designs which are also timeless. Our Lotus Collection consists of these spectacular rings inspired by the pristine flower. Each piece has an elegant solitaire set among prongs, like a lotus being pushed out by its leaves to the surface. You can expect to find your ever classic platinum diamond solitaire ring and a platinum diamond eternity ring!

A platinum diamond ring is always an exquisite choice because the platinum complements the diamonds embellished in it.

Due to its physical and chemical properties, taking care of platinum rings is easy. Platinum does not tarnish or fade away over time. However, if you must, only get it polished from workshops that handle platinum and work often in it. Platinum is an extremely strong material. However, that does not mean it is not scratch-free. It is harder to scratch it no doubt, but you can get scratch marks on it. Platinum is a different metal to work on and has its own set of criteria. Make sure you are not wearing your platinum jewellery while you are swimming, in the presence of chemicals, handling bleach, or other items that might discolour your piece. Platinum won’t get discoloured, but your diamond or other gemstones might.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us.

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