gold bars


Gold can be purchased in different forms. You can purchase gold in form of gold bars, coins and jewellery. Gold bars have been around for a long time. It is no surprise that they have often been a favorable method to invest in gold.

Why Buy Gold Bars?

It is always a good idea to buy gold bars.Buying gold can help one diversify their portfolios. There are various ways in which one can buy gold in. They are gold bars, gold coins. gold jewelry and gold bonds. Gold bars are considered excellent for investing as there is no cost of labour involved. Often the purity is also 22Ct or 24Ct gold. Not only is gold a low risk investment, it also safeguards one against inflation. It is also an asset that can easily be liquified. Gold bars also make for thoughtful gifts.

How Much is a Gold Bar Worth?

Gold bars are often sold in 24Ct gold. 24Ct gold is the purest form of gold. Gold bars come in different weights. The worth of a gold bar can be calculated depending on the weight and price of gold.

Gold Bars at PureJewels

At PureJewels we stock gold bars manufactured by Argor-Heraeus and Baird & Co Bairdmint. The bars come in small card shaped sizes. These bars are manufactured in 24Ct gold and are available in different weights. Our prices of gold bars also include secure delivery.

We also have gold coins minted by The Royal Mint. One advantage of buying gold coins from The Royal Mint is that they are exempted from Capital Gains Tax and inheritance tax.

The price of gold bars depends on the market and changes periodically. If you have any questions about buying gold bars online or their prices, you can always drop us a message to know more.