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Apart from being a precious metal, gold is a malleable metal with superior strength. It not only has an alluring colour but it also possess good ductility. Ductility refers to the ability to be drawn into wires. As gold is very malleable, it makes it suitable to be shaped without breaking. Jewellery is also made of gold as it does not tarnish over time and resists corrosion.

Gold is a versatile metal. Gold jewellery is never made in 24Ct but in anything less than it as at 24Ct gold is at its purest form and is softer. Alloy is added to strengthen the gold. Depending on the amount of pure gold and alloy, the Karat or Ct is decided upon. Note: Ct or K or Karat refers to gold’s purity and not the diamond weight which is measured in Carats here. Gold jewellery is available in 22Ct, 18Ct, 14Ct, and 9Ct. At PureJewels we work with 22Ct and 18Ct with our jewellery.

Often alloys are added to change the tone of gold. While some may be entranced by the golden yellow, others prefer delicate rose gold or a shiny silver tone. Gold jewellery can be made into different tones/shades of gold such as rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. At PureJewels we offer all three tones of gold.

The safest and easiest way to clean gold jewellery at home is by mixing mild detergent or soap with warm water. Scrub this using a brush over your gold jewellery. If your gold jewellery has diamonds in it, you can also use this method. If it has gemstones that require special cleaning instructions, then you will have to keep that in mind. There are a lot of guides on the internet but they are not always accurate. If you are not sure of it, do not try that method. It is also recommended to get your jewellery professionally cleaned once every six months. At PureJewels we offer cleaning and repair services as well.

Gold plated jewellery is required to have a hallmark only if the base metal is one of the metals that require hallmarking e.g. silver. However, it also has to meet the criteria of being eligible to be hallmarked. If the jewellery meets the required weight and above, then only it is eligible for hallmarking. The hallmarking of gold plated jewellery will tell you the purity of the base metal. The hallmark will contain information about it.

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