How To Measure Ring Size

Ring shopping? Lucky you! Here is how to measure your ring size for an accurate fit. Are you planning a surprise proposal? We have some tips for measuring for ring size in secret, too. Here’s all the information you need to measure and choose the correct ring size. Because you want a ring to slide over your knuckles and then stay there without slipping off, the best way to measure ring size is to come into the store.

We have ring sizers – metal hoops carrying template rings of every size – for you to try on and find the perfect fit. And we would urge you to do this in person if at all possible. You won’t get a truly precise measurement using the DIY method. If you are measuring ring size for an engagement ring or wedding ring, being properly sized is vital.

However… if you truly have to measure your ring size at home, read on!

ring size measurementHow to measure ring size… at home

  • Use a narrow piece of string or dental floss to wrap around your finger at the base.
  • Mark the place where the string overlaps and then lay it flat on a table.
  • Use a ruler with millimetre markings to measure it very carefully.
  • Then compare your measurement with the table below to find the closest figure, and check the corresponding letter -that’s your UK ring size

How to measure ring size (UK sizes)

45.5mm – G 53.8mm – N
46.7mm – H 55mm – O
48mm – I 56.3mm – P
48.7mm – J 57.6mm – Q
49.9mm – K 58.9mm – R
51.2mm – L 60.1mm – S
52.5mm – M 61.4mm – T

How to find out ring size… without telling her

If you want to measure ring size in secret, it’s a lot more tricky! Your best hope is that she already owns a ring that she wears on the right finger (fourth finger on her left hand, in case you’re wondering).

Use the guide below to measure her ring and ascertain the ring size.

If she doesn’t own a ring that is suitable, you could:

Take her shopping and spontaneously pop into a jeweller – it might arouse suspicion if you’ve never looked before, but perhaps you can think of an excuse.

If she spots a ring that she likes, tell her to go ahead and try it on!

Ask her best friend to find out her size.

Ask her best friend to take her shopping and pop into a jeweller – they could try on any rings, not just engagement rings, for size. If the best friend is trying on engagement rings anyway, this could be a useful prompt! Measure her ring size, using floss or string, while she is asleep – although this one’s difficult, and only possible for a really deep sleeper. By the way, it’s not a disaster for your girlfriend to have a clue that you’re thinking of proposing. The big moment will still be wonderful – including the ring – if you’ve discussed it beforehand, and even if you’ve asked for her ring size yourself.

Ring Size guideYou can create the moment with additional surprises or romantic touches, and a ring that fits will be the finishing flourish. Don’t become too preoccupied with keeping it top secret. It’s not an essential ingredient for every proposal, and we promise that your girlfriend will still be thrilled when the moment arrives.

How to size a ring that you already own Use our ring size chart to size a ring that you already own. Print out the chart, making sure that your printer settings say “No Scaling” (100%). (If you are uncertain, measure the circumference of one of the circles to be sure.) Then find a ring that you already own (make sure it’s the right finger – but if it’s not, this is still going to help you to get close to the right size).

The circles in the chart represent finger circumference, so you want the ring to sit on the outside of the circle – that’s a fit. If the ring you’re using is for a bigger or smaller finger than the one you wanted to measure, go up or down one size when you order.

Remember that resizing is usually possible!

(Insert chart of circles with circumferences as shown above.  Add a ‘Print’ icon to the chart.)

How to choose a ring without knowing her size

Not able to measure her ring size?

If you want to preserve the element of surprise, don’t worry! You can still order an engagement ring.

Most rings can be resized by one or two sizes.

The UK average size is L or M, so if she is of average build then you can make an educated guess. It’s not our top recommendation, but it’s possible for the purpose of surprise proposals…Good to know…

We cannot exchange bespoke commissions, but many of our engagement rings can be exchanged if the size is not right! Choosing an engagement ring can be nerve-wracking, so the ability to exchange it can actually be a blessing. Choose one of our simpler designs and it can be easily resized.

Some designs are more difficult to resize, so check with us before ordering. You can come into a store for personal advice on choosing a ring that can be exchanged or resized. You can also use Live Chat or message us for this information.