A 40th Wedding Anniversary is truly a reason to celebrate, and traditionally a Ruby is what you gift on this occasion. Ruby represents romance, devotion and passion, all qualities that make it very worthy of such an amazing milestone.

What is the best way to celebrate 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary?

We are sure that you know your partner the best and understanding their desires is a great way to begin. An ideal way of celebrating this day is to be with your partner, pamper them with things and efforts they’d appreciate like buying them flowers, spending a day at the spa or an intimate dinner with meaningful conversations. Make it nostalgic by recreating one of your old dates, wear something that they would have gifted you in the past. All these efforts will help them feel special and celebrate this day together. Remember that you are doing this not just to make your partner feel special but also for you to feel loved and appreciated, it is equally your day to celebrate.