Necklace Length Guide

Necklaces and chains are designed in diverse styles, silhouettes and lengths. We suggest that before you pick one for yourself or your loved ones, try to understand their style preferences to make sure of the style and length that they would prefer. Once you have done that, you can assess the rest based on neck size, personality and attires

Neck Size Measurement

One can measure the neck size easily by using a sewing measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape around the base of your neck to determine your perfect neck size. In case you do not have a sewing measuring tape, you can use a thread or even a ribbon. Wrap either one of them around the base of your neck, mark the spot where both ends meet, and then lay it against a scale to determine neck size.

Types of Necklaces Based on Length

Necklaces are usually made in six standard lengths, depending on which the necklace creates a unique silhouette that falls beautifully, as depicted in the pictures ahead, to sit at different positions and places on one’s body. Based on the same the necklaces are categorised into the following:

1. Collar Necklace

Design: The Collar necklaces have a standard length of 12 to 13 inches. These necklaces are worn closely around the neck and may even have multiple strands, depending on the designer or client.

Styling tip: Collar necklaces look nice with boat necks, V-necks, and off–the–shoulders.

2. Choker Necklace

Design: The Choker necklaces have a standard length of 14 to 16 inches. These necklaces are classy and fall around the base of one’s neck.

Styling tip: Choker necklaces are very versatile, they look beautiful and go with almost all kinds of necklines.

3. Princess Necklace

Design: The Princess Necklaces have a standard length of 17 to 19 inches. They fall just a little below the collar bone, sitting beautifully between the lengths of choker and matinee necklaces.

Styling tip: Princess Necklaces look elegant on all types of attires and can be paired up with a pendant to give them an extra edge.

4. Matinee Necklace:

Design: The Matinee Necklaces have a standard length of 20 to 24 inches. They are among the most popular ones and fall between the lengths of the princess and opera necklaces.

Styling tip: Matinee necklaces are gorgeous, they look stunning when paired with casual and even business attires.

5. Opera Necklace:

Design: The Opera Necklaces have a standard length of 30 to 36 inches. You can wear these in single or double strands as they fall between the lengths of the opera and Rope necklaces.

Styling tip: Opera Necklaces are perfect for high and crew necklines. They are super inclusive and look gorgeous, especially with evening wear.

6. Rope Necklace:

Design: The Rope Necklaces have a standard length of 40 to 45 inches. You can wear these Rope necklaces in many ways as they are long and therefore leave a lot of styling scope.

Styling tip: One can create unique and dramatic looks using Rope necklaces. They look elegant on most attires and can be easily transformed into multi-strand beauties that can be wrapped around in graduated lengths.