Rose Gold Wedding Bands


Rose Gold Wedding bands are an essential part of making your love eternal, exchanging of wedding bands are an ancient practice began by the Egyptians. They believed wearing these wedding bands of the ring of left hand connects to the heart. Our collection of rose gold wedding bands includes various sizes and widths that can be worn by either him or her. Ideally a 5mm or above bands are worn by men and the slimmer delicate ones by women. The versatility of rose gold allows you to pair these wedding bands with other color like yellow or white gold rings as well.

Rose Gold is widely famous for it’s color being close to pink. It is an alloy made from a composition of Pure Gold and Copper, the blend creates a beautiful pinkish hue that changes the final product and it’s karat. It is one of the trendiest color these day, whatever kind of jewelry you want to pick, there’ll be a rose gold version to it. Another upside to this blend is that Rose gold is far more durable than yellow gold due to high copper content. On the other hand, Rose gold is non hypoallergenic so if you are allergic to copper it may not be the best choice.

To help you measure your ring size, we have put together this guide and tips for measuring at home.
If you are looking to buy a ring for someone, it’s best to ask them their size, but if you plan to surprise you can ask their friends or family. We will help you to find your own ring size with the tips below
– wrap a string around the finger where you wish to place your ring and make sure it’s comfortable.
– Mark the area with a marker where the end meets
– Measure the end and the marker point on a ruler and match with the closes measurement on a ring size chart
– Find the size that is most comfortable to wear on a daily basis, it should be snug enough so it won’t fall off but loose enough to wear.
– Ideally measure your size during the day when your hands are warm and measure 3 – 4 times for more accuracy