White Gold Wedding Bands for Women


Platinum wedding bands for women by Purejewels have an elegant finish and they have been given a classic and evergreen touch. Once adorned it is sure to enhance the beauty of her delicate hands and signify your pure bond of true and eternal love.
An engagement ring is essentially the most significant piece of jewellery that a woman owns, adorns, preserves and treasures for a lifetime. It is a personification of your love and marks the beauty of the true bond you share with your better half which is why an engagement ring should be nothing less than perfect, therefore platinum wedding bands are always a good idea for the big day.

Choosing the perfect wedding bands for her is very essential as it is something that she would always carry with her and cherish for life. If she is someone who wants something that is precious but looks a little different from the routine tones like gold, white gold or rose gold then vintage platinum wedding bands would be perfect for her. Antique platinum wedding bands look luxurious and unique. They have a subtle vintage tone that separates them from the other platinum wedding bands for her. You can choose from our exquisite range of antique platinum engagement bands that start from an approximate range of £300.00 and go up to £4000.00.

Eternity rings are symbols of true and eternal love. They signify the promise of lifelong commitment that one partner makes to the other during the wedding. Eternity rings also symbolise the circle of life, and the belief that come what may, true love conquers all and finds its way back, just like a circle. Therefore these beauties symbolise the journey of eternal love. At Purejewels, we have a variety of designs and styles of platinum eternity bands to choose from. You can go through our options on the website and also get in touch with us through the live chat option.

Platinum is one of the most coveted and luxurious metals. It can undergo the pressures of time, ups & downs and still maintain its charm just like your bond.
Therefore, like your bond, platinum bands are like priceless treasures. At Purejewels, we have a variety of platinum bands for you to choose from. You could pick a platinum diamond wedding band, a plain platinum wedding band or even a plain platinum wedding band. Each one is handcrafted by our master karigars and has its own unique charm. Our designer wedding bands for women start from £305.00 and go up to £1,100.00. You can reach out to us through live chat or visit us for getting the rings of your choice in a particular size and for customization options.