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Long gone are the days when jewellery was only reserved for special occasions. We believe in celebrating luxury and warmth in everyday life. Jewellery is a celebration of not only fashion but f keepsakes. Our collection of choker chains is available in 16 and 18 inches. These chains can be worn individually or layered up with other necklaces. They can also be paired up with pendants.

Our gold choker is inspired by the shape of a lariat. The gold choker chain has a decorative tassel in the middle. These tassels have decorative gold tubes at the end of them.

Our gold choker chains are fine examples of exquisite craftsmanship. They have been inspired by mangalsutras. The mangalsutra is a necklace that marks the union of the bride and groom. The groom ties it around the bride’s neck after they take wedding vows. The design motifs of the choker are an ode to the traditional design of mangalsutra. The interlocking arrangement of beads, delicate elements, textured patterns are all inspired by it.

If you are a fan of rhodium finish, you can try our 22ct Gold Choker With Rhodium finish. We love the contrast of the rhodium finish against yellow gold.

Our 22 carat Real Gold Fancy Chain is crafted using gentian work. Ganthan work is a form of beadwork that originated in India. It is a traditional technique that involves interlocking beads into each other using thin wires. The gold beads are textured. You can add in pendants too!

Choker chains are always fun to style as they can be used to create a layered look. You can create a gold chain choker set by stacking up multiple gold chains together. You can also wear double chain chokers and adjust them accordingly. A classic way to style a choker is by wearing a gold choker necklace with a long chain. You can also pair up a chunky choker and a delicate choker chain necklace. The possibilities are endless!
To clean your gold choker chains, mix warm water with mild soap. Use a soft brush and the soap mixture to clean your choker. Rinse the choker under warm water. We recommend getting your choker professionally once a year.
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