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The only thing we love more than chains are fancy chains. We love decorative chains. Traditionally Malaa chains were equivalent to the rosary. However, the word Mala has also been used to describe the chain style that involves beads as the main decorative element. Typically mala chains are longer in length. These are generally worn for special occasions but we believe in wearing jewellery when one pleases. So whether it is for a night out or a day at home in pyjamas, the choice is yours!

Our collection of fancy mala chains is crafted using 22ct gold. Our designs include not only yellow gold but also stylish hues of rose gold and a rhodium finish.

The 22ct Gold Fancy Chain in 19 Inches takes inspiration from geometric patterns. Kite like pattens is imprinted into an alternate decorative element. These are then finished off with a rhodium finish, providing a contrasting look against the soft yellow gold.

The Sparkle 22ct Gold Mala is part of our Sparkle Collection. This collection is structured With rose, yellow and white gold baubles and a sparkle textured finish. The sparkle finish replicated the shine of a diamond using a clever texturing technique. The textured areas are then finished off with rhodium to give it that regal sparkle. The mala chain adopts these design elements. The final result is a sensational gold necklace perfect for your evening out. But by no means let that stop you from wearing it in the comfort of your home and celebrating quiet evenings.

The 22ct Gold Fancy Chain with Rhodium Finish plays around with decorative elements with rhodium finish at intervals. The rhodium gives it a shimmering glow against the subtle yellow gold.

Due to its length, Mala Chains can be used to create a sensational layered look. You can pair it up with different chain styles such as spice chain, gold link chain, curb chain, box chain et cetera. To create a bold and dramatic look, you can pair the fancy mala chain with a heavy gold pendant. These chains can also be worn with a choker to create a gold choker set. Whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist, there are various ways to style your gold chain!
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