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Bridal earrings can help accentuate your vision for your big day. Let us help you pick the right pair that completes your look. Our range of bridal earrings is intricately handmade by experienced Karigars who understand the importance of detailing and the essence of every design. We offer an array of styles ranging from all gold stud earrings to danglers with a mix of gemstones and gold. To pick the right pair of earrings you can consider what works best for your face shape and the outfit you’ll be wearing on your big day. Stud earrings make a great pair for a saree with a choker whereas dangling earrings or drop earrings fit perfectly on blouses that have detailed necklines and don’t require a necklace. Match your earrings with the embroidery on your dress, choose between filigree pattern, Jali work or antique polish. You can pick something that also has gemstones to add a pop of colour

Well, to understand that one has to primarily understand a bit about what is white gold. White gold jewellery is quite often confused with Rhodium plated jewels due to the similarity in their finishes. When certain white metals are combined with gold leading to a change in its original appearance from yellow to a whitish hue, this is white gold. White gold in other words is a combination of gold along with white metals like nickel, silver, or palladium. Just like yellow gold, the purity of white gold is also measured in karats. Therefore, the higher the content of gold, the higher is the Karat count.
The properties of white gold depend majorly on the properties of other metals and the proportions in which they have been combined with yellow gold. White gold chains and other jewels are typically made from a gold-palladium-silver alloy or a gold-nickel-copper-zinc alloy. Nickel.
White gold chains are made generally from the non-nickel alloy since nickel sometimes causes allergic reactions and rashes. This is also the reason why white gold with nickel content is looked down upon amongst most jewellers and isn’t acceptable in the majority of countries.

It is important to keep your jewellery looking new and ready to wear whenever you wish to. The best way to extend your earring’s polish is to keep them in a dry and clean area within a cloth pouch or in a box laying flat. It is also recommended to keep the earrings in separate ziplock to avoid further scratches. Use a mild soap with water and a toothbrush to gently clean your earrings and maintain their longevity. It is not advisable to use any chemicals or cleaners by yourself.

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