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Feel beautiful. Glowing white gold is a contemporary favourite with timeless appeal – so treat yourself to a new jewellery set. Here are our favourite white gold collections. Dive in and find something new to love.

Vinyasa began with a mood board featuring a peacock standing on a branch overlooking a lake. The curves of the peacock, the reflections in the water, and the sense of history and culture – all these contributed to the design in some way. Vinyasa is an aspirational jewellery collection for women. It is dramatic, centring on the peacock’s alluring eye; it is sensual, full of intriguing curves; and it is peaceful, with fluid shapes and a tactile nature. Buy a complete Vinyasa white gold jewellery set or begin your collection now.

Luminous is a white gold jewellery collection designed for us by celebrated jeweller Cindy Denis Mangam. Crafted in 18ct white gold, it features stylised stars with diamond accents. This sensational range makes a wonderful set, but pieces work equally well alone; so it’s a good choice if you want to build your collection over time. Just as contemporary is our chic Wildflower collection with a ring, bangle and Mangalsutra designed after the romantic tendrils of wild flowers.

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For many brides, the Mangalsutra is the centrepiece of their wedding set – and it’s also a piece with deep emotional value. If you are searching for a simple, elegant Mangalsutra that’s easy to wear every day, then you’ll love our 18ct white gold Mangalsutra – it’s been a bestseller in PureJewels for a long time. Our latest addition is the Vinyasa White Gold Mangalsutra, a classically crescent-shaped mangalsutra with the curves of Vinyasa. Our design team will be working on more white gold bridal jewellery this year.

Our jewellery is arranged in collections, but it is easy to form your own personal jewellery set by choosing from across the entire range. If you are looking for a complete white gold wedding jewellery set then please come in to the showroom, where you can try it all on and receive personal service. We have additional pieces in store that haven’t made it onto the website yet! Use Live Chat to find out which jewellery we think coordinate well with your favourite piece.

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