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PureJewels presents Sparkle… a collection of contemporary Indian
jewellery with a distinctive look. It fuses different golds for a luxurious,
fun and stylish finish.

Beautifully made…

It’s different to a lot of other Indian jewellery that you may have seen,
past and present. Starting with a base of 22ct gold, Sparkle incorporates
textured diamond-cutting, bright rhodium highlights and mellow rose
gold shading.
Let’s start with the sparkle… These pieces have been ‘diamond-cut’, which
is a texturing technique that creates a fine, glittery surface – much like
hundreds of tiny diamonds. The textured parts are plated with rhodium
to enhance the sparkle. Finally, the jewellery is put together with yellow
gold and rose gold accents or baubles. It’s designed to make a statement!

Come in and try some Sparkle…

The PureJewels showroom, in East London, is a favourite destination for
everyone who wants to view and buy the latest in Indian jewellery. Come
in and discover the full range in store – from traditional 22ct gold pieces,
including Mangal Sutra, Jumkha earrings, bangles, and engagement rings
– to contemporary designs in natural white gold. Our design team has
become known for fusing old-fashioned techniques and modern style. To
be first in line for our newest collections, follow us on Instagram or
Facebook, or join our Privilege List for email news.