Gold Chains

22kt Gold Choker Chain 31131-122kt Gold Choker Chain 31131-2

22 Kt Yellow Gold Choker chain


While jewellery is universal, it is also personal. Gold chains not only make chic fashion statements, but they also make perfect gifting items. At PureJewels we provide gold chains of different lengths and styles. These chains can be worn individually or with pendants. If you are looking to invest in gold in the form of jewellery, chains are the most sought out option. In terms of style, gold chains are one of the most versatile and classic pieces of jewellery. Take it from the ancient Egyptians who also wore multiple gold chains! Whether your purchase is motivated by fashion, sentiments or investment, it is always a good idea to buy gold chains.

To clean a gold chain, grab some warm water, mild detergent and a brush. Use the brush to gently scrub along the linkings. As chains are items that are worn mostly on daily basis, it is advisable to clean them at home every month. You can also get it cleaned professionally at our store. It is advisable to get it professionally cleaned once every six months to give it a further polish and shine. Do not use chemicals if you are not familiar with them. If your gold chain has gemstones in it, get it professionally cleaned.

At PureJewels we hallmark all our products. A hallmark is a legal confirmation informing the user about the fineness and purity of the metal. All our chains are manufactured in 18ct and 22ct gold. Unless and until specified, all our products are crafted in gold. While there are many guides on the internet that can supposedly check if your gold chain is real, it is best to get it checked professionally. Often these tests are filled with inaccuracies and based on assumption.

Yes, you can get a gold chain extended. At PureJewels we offer additional services with regards to cleaning, customisation and repair. Our gold chains come in various lengths starting from 16 inches. We manufacture gold chains for all age groups. These gold chains can be extended or even reduced in length according to your preference. We offer chains in different styles such as spiga, box chain, rope chain, foxtail chain et cetera. All the styles of gold chains can be extended.

Heritage and design: our Indian gold necklace collection
Ever since the 1970s, our family firm has been London’s favourite source of Indian gold chains and other Indian jewellery. If you’re looking for a contemporary interpretation of classic Indian necklaces, then come to PureJewels.

Indian chains and pendants

Indian gold chains have a timeless, irreplaceable quality that never goes out of fashion. Ours are generally made in 22ct gold, the purest malleable gold, giving them a dainty but strong character.

A classic 22ct Indian gold chain is the perfect piece of jewellery for any outfit. It adds just a touch of lustre to the neckline, and is an excellent basis for layering jewellery.
Add a statement-making pendant to your chain. It’s interchangeable, so you can start a collection – and once you discover our seasonal editions, you might be tempted! Fresh for winter 2018, Vinyasa features a sensational ‘Peacock’ Indian gold necklace in yellow, rose, or white gold.

Simple gold chains start at £140. Or choose an Indian chain with embellishment, such as gold pearls, a foxtail, or rope chain. The standard length is 18”, but use Live Chat if you’re looking for a shorter or longer chain. Looking for a bridal Indian gold chain? You’ll find the traditional Mangalsutra Indian chain in its own department under ‘Necklaces’.

Save up for your favourite

If you’re browsing Indian gold chains to make your wish list, stop dreaming and start saving! You could start with a small deposit right now, and we’ll keep you motivated with occasional prompts via email. There’s no commitment if you’re using a saving plan, which means that if you change your mind and want a refund, we’ll refund it all to you straight away. So why not start saving for your Indian gold necklace right now? Use Live Chat or call us to find out more.