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The legend of Max Bill
A Max Bill vintage watch fetches thousands at auction – what makes it so coveted?  The Swiss designer started out as a silversmith.  His fascination for objects and 3D shape took him to the infamous Bauhaus school, at which he honed his architectural and design skills.  In the 1950s Max Bill became a household name by designing an iconic kitchen clock with integrated timer for Junghans.  He continued to develop watch designs for the German watchmaker, maintaining a sleek, minimal style and introducing lume (luminous) pips on the face, which became a hallmark of his work.

However, introducing Max Bill as a watch designer would be to hugely understate his life and achievements.  The smart and dapper Max Bill was interested in progressive design and his work, over the next three decades, included an innovative stool, buildings, a bridge, and several installations – including ‘Endless Stairs’ for the philosopher Ernst Bloch.  Moving into teaching (and co-founding the Ulm School of Design in Germany), during his late life he continued to innovate, producing books and exhibitions that had a far-reaching influence.  Max Bill was a real force in design.

A genuine Max Bill watch
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Are you considering whether to invest in a vintage or new Max Bill model?   What’s the difference?   Well, the current range of Chronoscope Meister men’s watches has been sympathetically refined by the company – maintaining the sleek, clean look of the original Max Bill watches.  Junghans has introduced a higher-quality stainless steel case, a J880.2 calibre movement, and new luminous coating (an environmentally-friendly version of the original phosphoric lume).   The classic look and the ‘4’ numeral – one of the most recognisable features of a Max Bill Junghans watch – has remained just as it was in 1962.