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Junghans Chronoscope watches are among the most-wanted in the men’s watch luxury market.  Bringing additional functions to the classic Meister watch, Junghans Chronoscope is a sophisticated choice for the demanding gentleman.


Inspired by the first pilot watches, the Chronoscope collection is part of Junghans’ Meister range.  This is Junghans’ signature range, featuring the watchmaker’s famous vintage aesthetic and enviable expertise – including the in-house automatic movement, which has been widely praised.  Junghans’ Meister watches were designed in the 1930s and have changed very little.


You will be the envy of watch connoisseurs when you wear a Junghans Chronoscope watch.  It represents the ultimate blend of classic watchmaking and modern function, with a stopwatch feature and two chronoscopes, as well as windows displaying the day and date.   The self-winding, automatic movement (J880.1) was developed by Junghans. Junghans Chronoscope watches are finished with ultra-tough Plexiglass and the patented Sicralan coating.  They are – just like the original Junghans Meister watches – painted with luminous coating on the pips and hands, although it’s now environmentally-friendly paint.


There are several versions of Junghans’ Chronoscope watch featuring different bracelets and dial colours.  Please contact us using Live Chat or by phone if you’re looking for a particular model.