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Red-carpet occasion jewellery

Celebrities are loaned amazing diamond jewellery for special occasions – but most of us have to purchase our own pieces.  Invest in a beautiful jewellery set that is timeless, classic and distinctive, and you will get lots of wear from it as the years go by.

Be a stylish guest: Jewellery for a special occasion or wedding

Pull up in jaw-dropping style.  Make your arrival in diamonds and every head will turn.  Every woman deserves a truly beautiful piece of jewellery to make her feel incredible when she dresses up.  So don’t cut back: choose the best you can afford.  We have heaps of diamond earrings, 22ct gold bangles, and statement pendants to rock your occasion.  Browse our most luxurious choices on these pages.  You can also Live Chat if you’re looking for particular jewellery for a special occasion or wedding.

Choosing jewellery for a special occasion

If your jewellery must match your outfit, for example on your wedding day, then we suggest bringing it with you when you try on jewellery.  Also pay attention to the long-term potential of your jewellery pieces.  In a wedding jewellery set, you may have some pieces that can be worn for other occasions.  Even though you’re choosing jewellery for an upcoming special occasion, don’t be restricted; it’s wise to choose your favourite colours – this way you’ll be able to wear it over and over again.

Jewellery stands for occasions…

Over time, your best pieces of jewellery will accumulate the warm glow of special memories.  Pick them up and be flooded with memories of extravagant special occasions, people you love, and feeling on top of the world.  In this way, your jewellery will become even more special and beloved.   One day, every piece of jewellery will stand for an occasion, and might even be passed on to your grandchildren with the accompanying stories.

Is your favourite piece out of stock?  We can order most items, so use Live Chat to enquire.