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Whether you hate it or love it, wearing yellow gold jewellery is back in trend, it has definitely made a comeback and is here to stay for better or worse! While investing in precious jewels, people have started wanting something that would be as beautiful in 50 years, as it is today. They want their designs to be unique and timeless with a quality that is superior and stays for a lifetime. This approach, therefore, is something that is making people shift from fast fashion or costume pieces to evergreen and high quality precious jewels.

For cleaning high valued and precious metal jewellery, it is always advised that they are cleansed with a gentle jewellery cleaner made specifically for the particular metal that your jewellery has been made in, for example, gold jewellery should be cleaned with a gold jewellery cleaning solution that can be ordered online.
In case that is not an option for you at the moment, using mild soap and warm water is also a great way to do the same. All you need to do is make a mild solution of warm water and a gentle soap. Further, you gently scrub your yellow gold jewels using your fingers and pat dry with a lint-free cloth.

Even Though it is a little tricky and would require a lot of work, you most certainly can get rid of the rhodium plating on your gold jewellery. To remove the rhodium finish off of your gold jewellery, you will have to get it mechanically polished off. With the availability of the right polish tools, this is not difficult. In case accessibility is a problem, you can always reach out to your jeweller to help you out with the same

There are many metals to choose from to get your jewellery made. Different types of metals are used for different kinds of jewellery. Precious jewellery is commonly made with high lustre metals like gold, silver and platinum and most suitable from these are gold and platinum. The reason behind it is that they have superior physical and chemical properties that make them stand apart from others. They are easy to work with, are durable, and have a long laying lustre that doesn’t get lost easily. Therefore, what metals you want your jewellery to be made in totally depends on your preferences and budget but people mostly go for the above two as they are evergreen and apart from that they are also considered good investments since precious metals have a resale value.

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