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Diwali or Deepavali is a festival which celebrates the victory of light over darkness. Diwali is a festival that fills the hearts of people with joy and light, it is celebrated by families and people together. Across India, various religions and faiths associate their own legends with Diwali. Legends might be different but the aspect of prosperity and well-being runs as a common theme among them all. Diwali is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity and the day is considered auspicious for buying metals and gifts. Gold remains the most sought after due to its association with purity, durability and abundance.

When it comes to Diwali, Gold buying is considered an essential practice. Gold remains the best investment you can make and the auspiciousness associated with gold on Diwali makes it all the more fulfilling decision.For the occasion of Dhanteras, people buy gold for their family members and themselves.

PureJewels provides a wide range of options from jewellery to accessories to coins to take care of all your Diwali needs. Diwali is the perfect time to gift and as the tradition goes people often gift gold coins. Traditionally, Gold itself represents prosperity and on the occasion of Diwali, it is believed that it brings good luck along with blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

Buying gold on Diwali goes beyond the regular gold purchase. It is an experience which provides the opportunity to dwell in tradition and culture. PureJewels with its legacy and understanding of culture meets all your expectations. PureJewels ensure that you buy gold this Diwali without worrying about quality and design suited for the occasion. Unmatched quality and exemplary design soaked in tradition make PureJewels the perfect destination for buying gold in Diwali. From high-quality 22-carat gold coins to our 22-carat gold foxtail chain, we have a large range that can be a perfect fit as a gift as well as for your personal purchase.

To ensure that you have a gift for everyone and for every occasion we have products ranging from fashion accessories to gold jewellery to memorabilia for your loved ones.

From purchasing gold as a personal souvenir to gifting it your loved ones, Gold coins remain the preferred choice for Diwali. To complete your Diwali celebrations, PureJewels offers a wide range of gold coins as well as gold bars of different weights. For the puja ceremony and gifts people also buy silver coins. We at PureJewels have an extensive range of silver coins from Padma Lakshmi silver tola coins to Ganesha silver coins to ensure that your Diwali ceremony and celebration remain perfect.

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