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The filigree design is the art of twisting and turning thin metal wires and using them to create designs. Often these wires are accompanied with small metal balls which are also part of the design. Filigree design dates as old as 3500 BC and it was also found in the Mesopotamian region. Soon other places adopted the method and made further changes to it. Filigree design features designs that are delicate and resemble lace-like patterns. Filigree jewellery is made not only in gold but also precious metals like silver. In India, Odisha is famous for the silver jewellery that makes use of Filigree Design. At PureJewels we believe in celebrating craftsmanship. Our Jali Collection is an ode to the elegant filigree design making technique. The designs make use of filigree making techniques and deliver impeccable pieces of jewellery.

Filigree jewellery can be made by twisting and turning thin wires of gold. It requires extreme care and precision and makes uses of old techniques instead of modern machinery. Gold is melted into small beads and soldered together. As delicate the designs look, it also takes years of practice to achieve desirable results.

The easiest way to clean filigree jewellery is by using a soft brush and warm water with mild soap. Filigree designs are delicate. Because the designs are intricate, it can get difficult if not cleaned occasionally. Regularly cleaning ensures that the dust and other irritants don’t accumulate. It is also advised to get filigree jewellery cleaned professionally once a year. At PureJewels we provide cleaning services as well. To know more about them, you can write to us.

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