PureJewels is known for the beautiful and intricately finished fine 22Ct jewellery. 22Ct jewellery is known for its comforting weight and the rich yellow color resembling lovely autumn earthy colours. At PureJewels, we have designed 22Ct jewellery for your daily wear use as well occasion wear.

22Ct Ladies Ring at PureJewels

We love the weight and feel of a 22Ct ring. Our collection of 22Ct gold ladies ring has designs which are elegant and intricate. Our Jali collection is a homage to the intricate manufacturing technique of filigree making. The 22Ct gold gives the rings a rich colour and shimmering glow. The weight of a 22Ct ladies ring is light without compromising on the allure of gold. Whether it is for daily wear or occasions, we have beautifully fashioned 22ct gold ladies rings.

What is the Average Ladies Ring Size?

In the UK the average ladies ring size falls between L to N. The size L is almost the same as US size 6. The average ladies ring US size is between 5 to 7. This means that the diameter of the ring falls between 15.6 to 17.3 mm. Ring size can always be adjusted through various means. If you are looking to buy a ring and are not sure of the size, we have compiled a guide to help you out. 

How to Find and Measure Your Ring Size 

Is 22Ct Gold Ladies Ring Better Than 18Ct?

Both 22Ct and 18Ct are excellent choices for rings. Ct denotes the purity of the metal. Alloy is often added to rings to make it a stronger metal to fashion ring out from. It is a personal preference whether you go for a 22Ct ring or an 18Ct ring. Both are equally striking and have their own weight and feel!

In Which Hands are Wedding Rings Worn for Ladies?

Since the very beginning, different kinds of rings have had their own significance. 22Ct gold rings are suitable for daily wear and occasions and can be worn on a hand of your choosing. However, when it comes to wedding rings, they are worn in the left hand. Wedding rings, engagement ring, guards and wraps for wedding rings, are all usually worn in the left hand. The Egyptians believed that the vein in the fourth finger of the left hand directly connects to the heart. Three stone rings are also worn in the left hand. However, recent trends have brought in the concept of a right hand ring. Right hand rings are usually bought by the women for themselves.