Colored Gemstones

Colored Gemstones

Coloured gemstones are dreamy minerals that are created by Mother Earth. Enchanted by the beauty, allure and rarity of gemstones, humans have been cherishing them since ancient times. Fascinated by them, early humans collected them until they started using them in unique ways to craft jewellery. The first known usage of coloured stones for jewellery making was done by ancient Egyptians with the discovery of Turquoise.

At Purejewels, our team sources the best coloured stones for our designers to work around and create masterpieces that stay evergreen. Coloured stones are abundantly available and nature-made, they can be found in unbelievable shapes, diverse colours and sizes and each coloured gem has its own set of properties.

Some people prefer keeping their jewels in monotones, others like to add a pinch of colour to make the gemstone stand out while many choose to pick vibrant designs with amazing colour palettes. Any jewel you pick for yourself, coloured gemstones have the power to lift up literally any piece of jewel. It could be a basic ear stud to an extravagant long dangler but a speck of colour could change the game. Some of the most sought after and precious coloured gemstones of the world are emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines. Others gemstones like amethysts, citrines, aquamarines, topaz, garnets, opals, peridots are some of the most amazing coloured stones in the semi-precious category.

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