Jewellery Education

At PureJewels, we believe that education plays a pivotal role in inspiring passion and preserving knowledge. Thats why we have meticulously created our series of all-encompassing educational jewellery guides.
As ardent advocates for the preservation of traditional craftsmanship techniques, we exalt luxury artistry, and by drawing on our generations of expertise and the exceptional skill set of our artisans, we want to share that with you.
These invaluable resources encompass a wealth of knowledge, encompassing craftsmanship techniques, proper care and maintenance, insights on coloured gemstones and diamonds, and guidance on selecting the perfect jewellery gift.

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Platinum Jewellery Maintenance and Care

Platinum Jewellery Maintenance and Care One of the most exciting things about jewellery is its design and materials. Whether it is a gemstone, metal, or any other material, each one is special and helps create a unique piece of jewellery that you will cherish for years. Platinum is one of the metals used to create [...]

A Guide to CNC and Laser Cut Technology

Jewellery finds its roots as old as the Neanderthal living in Europe. Since then, humanity has evolved into not only different materials but also different production techniques. Throughout history, we have seen the development of new production techniques that have helped create beautiful adornments. Each production technique results from years of innovation to achieve a [...]

A Guide to Die Stamped Jewellery

A Guide to Die Stamping The art of adornment can be traced back to the stone age. Over time, not only did the variety of materials expand, but the manufacturing technique also improved. New inventions led to applying the same machinery to produce other products. One such example of this is the die stamping or [...]

How to Clean Gold Kundan Jewellery

How to Care for your Gold Kundan Jewellery Gold kundan jewellery is a timeless, classic style that can be a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. However, while gold kundan jewellery can last for generations, it needs proper care and maintenance, to maintain it. In this blog post, we'll cover the basics of cleaning and storing [...]

How to Clean Antique Gold Jewellery

How to Properly Care for Antique Gold Jewellery Antique gold jewellery is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. These pieces of jewellery may be passed down from generation to generation or purchased from a vintage shop. Whether you have been given an heirloom or found a unique article in a second-hand store, proper care is [...]

How to Shine Up Your Gold Jewellery

Nothing can accentuate an outfit like jewellery. So whether it's a necklace, a ring, or even a bracelet, you know your gold jewellery will elevate your look. But if your gold jewellery has become dull and dingy, don't worry—it is possible to restore the shine without spending money on expensive cleaning services. Here are some [...]

Can I Carry Gold Jewellery on a Domestic Flight

Can You Bring Gold Jewellery on a Domestic Flight? Flying with gold jewellery can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, you do not want to risk losing this valuable item in transit. The good news is that most domestic flights allow passengers to bring gold jewellery onboard. However, knowing what you can and cannot bring [...]

How to Clean Gold Jewellery

How to Clean Gold Jewellery the Right Way Gold jewellery is a timeless accessory that can make any outfit look glamorous. Still, taking care of your gold pieces properly is essential to keep them looking shiny and beautiful for years. Properly cleaning your gold jewellery is easy, but there are some steps you should take [...]

Which Karat Gold is Used to Make Jewellery

Which Carat Gold is Used to Make Jewellery Shiny, bright, and sought after, gold is a malleable and ductile metal. These properties allow it to be crafted into beautiful gold jewellery. Its lustre gives gemstones a richness to their sparkle. However, pure gold is very soft, so to create wearable jewellery, gold is often blended [...]

Why Does Gold Jewellery Turn Black?

What Causes Gold Jewellery to Turn Black? Have you ever noticed your gold jewellery turning black? The cause of this discolouration is relatively common and could be caused by several different things. In this blog post, we will discuss why gold jewellery turns black and how to prevent discolouration in the future. There are two [...]

Can You Wear Silver and Gold Jewellery Together

How to Wear Silver and Gold Jewellery Together? Wearing silver and gold jewellery together has been a popular trend in the fashion world for many years. But do you know all the ins and outs of how to make these two metals work together? Learn about mixing silver and gold jewellery for an effortless, fashionable [...]

A Guide to Die Stamping

A Guide to Die Stamping The art of adornment can be traced back to the stone age. Over time, not only did the variety of materials expand, but the manufacturing technique also improved. New inventions led to the application of the same machinery to produce other products. One such example of this is the die [...]

PureJewels sponsor 2022/23 Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards

PureJewels say supporting craftsmanship is key to development of UK jewellery industry LONDON, December 19, 2022 - PureJewels, a design-led London-based jewellery brand, retailer and manufacturer, are sponsoring the 2022/23 Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design awards, highlighting their support for development of artisanal skills across the UK industry. “We are passionate about preserving the heritage of [...]

What are Some Good Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas?

Christmas is a festival loved by all adults and children alike. It brings the promise of a new beginning, and togetherness. There is so much to love about Christmas; the streets lit up beautiful, the decked-up Christmas tree, the delicious treats, friend, and family coming together and of course the gifts. Christmas gift ideas can [...]

Diwali Gifts

Diwali; the festival of lights, celebrating abundance of love and riches. Diwali celebrations brings along many things; the sweets, gatherings with family and loved ones, the beautiful decors and of course the gifts. Part of the Diwali celebrations include praying to goddess Lakshmi; the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Buying gold and silver during Diwali [...]

All about Jewellery Care

From gold heirloom pieces to our first jewellery purchase, every piece holds a special place in our hearts and rekindles wonderful memories. Just the mere sight of the bejewelled treasure excites us and fills us with joy. And if you like to wear them often, as you should, it is very normal that they wear [...]

Gold prices hovers near $1,800 an ounce, with focus on slowing US inflation

Gold prices rose for a fourth straight week to mid-August, hovering close to $1,800 per ounce, with a focus on data showing a slowdown in U.S. inflation increases. Gold was at $1,801.97 per ounce, up 0.74 percent, in late trade on August 12. After US consumer prices rose by an annualised 8.5 percent in July, […]

Gold Bracelet for Women

What are Various Types of Bracelets? We love the versatility of bracelets. The various kind of gold bracelets is tennis bracelets, gold charm bracelets, gold bangle bracelets, gold kadas, gold chain bracelets, Rudraksha bracelet, filigree bracelet, et Cetra. These bracelets are sometimes also studded with stunning diamonds and colourful gemstones. Which Arm Should a Woman [...]

Elegance of Solid Gold

What Does Solid Gold Really Mean? Jewellery is a versatile item that can be made using various materials. These materials range from metal to wood and even glass! Jewellery made out of metal is further divided into different categories. There is jewellery made out of precious metals and non-precious metals. Sometimes, jewellery is made out [...]

Personalised Gold Jewellery

At PureJewels, we believe in the celebration of life and craftsmanship. All of our jewellery is crafted by talented craftsmen and uses state-of-the-art technology. At our atelier, you will find fine jewellery for not only everyday use but also for various occasions. We believe that jewellery is a personal token. Whether you buy it for [...]

Gold steadies in mid-July, underpinned by softer dollar, with global recession fears growing

Gold prices steadied in mid-July, buoyed by a softer U.S. dollar on receding expectations of a large, 100 basis points (1 percent) U.S. rate hike next week as global recession fears build. Gold prices were down 0.3 percent to $1,709.50 per ounce on July 18. Gold had recovered from its lowest level in nearly a […]

All About Birthstones

What are Birthstones? How do they work? Precious or semiprecious gemstones associated with a month or sign of the zodiac that are believed to provide good health, protection and good fortune to anyone born in that month or under that sign if they are worn are Birthstones. Many gem therapists think that wearing your Birthstone [...]

Euphoric Hues – Topaz

Let’s not forget our November-born fellows, we are here to introduce you to your birthstone Topaz and educate you all about it. Honey yellow, fiery orange, ecstatic pink, or cool blue, you will find Topaz in various colours as well as colourless variety. This stone is truly versatile to suit your style and budget. The [...]

Opulence of Opals

Whilst those born in October have two spectacular birthstones to boast of, we are putting a special spotlight on Opals. Do you remember those long pyramid-shaped tubes that we looked into to see various patterns, also known as kaleidoscopes? Let us introduce you to nature’s version of that kaleidoscope i.e. Opals. Opals are one of [...]

Handmade Gold Jewellery

Choosing a piece of jewellery can be a very personal experience. It’s certainly different to going out and picking up some new outfits. We buy a multitude of clothing throughout the year but how often do you consider a premium jewellery item? Whether it’s for an engagement or an anniversary, you’ll put a lot more [...]

Lab Grown Diamonds

What is a lab grown diamond? Lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are identical to each other in every way whether it is about their chemical or physical properties. The only difference between them and the natural ones is that of occurrence and formation. While natural diamonds take years to grow naturally under heat and [...]


A little about Peridot, The Birthstone of August. Peridot is believed to be one of the most ancient gems as it is among the first gemstones to have been discovered by ancient Egyptians. The first-ever peridot was discovered in Topazios, an island in the Red Sea, now known as St John's Island, and it has [...]

Rendezvous with Rubies

“There’s a shade of red for every woman!”  - Audrey Hepburn Each month in a year is associated with a beautiful gemstone. It defines a person’s period of birth. For example, Ruby is the birthstone associated with people born in the month of July, and it also happens to be one of the most valuable [...]

Precious Metals in Jewelry Making

Jewellery is adornments worn to accessorise your look, uplift your personality and add value. PureJewels are pioneers in providing excellent quality and aesthetics to your jewels, and this is our attempt to educate and curb your curiosity on what goes into making these beauties. What are the different types of metals used to make jewellery? [...]

Gold falls pressured by U.S. rate rise outlook, strong dollar

Gold prices fell around 4 percent in the second week of May, pressured by expectations of more U.S. rate rises in the pipeline to control inflation, and by a rising dollar. Gold slid to $1,798.86 per ounce on May 13, its lowest level since February 4, before clawing back some ground to $1,810.68 later in […]

A Guide to Hallmarking and Dealer’s Notice

You might have heard the term “Hallmarking” while buying jewellery. People always say to buy only hallmarked jewellery. But what is hallmarked jewellery? Why is it important? What is a Dealer’s Notice in between all this? To explain all these questions, we have compiled a guide for you. What is a Hallmark? A hallmark is [...]


A little about Pearls, The Birthstone of June The word pearl comes from the French word perle that means led which refers to the leg shape of a mollusk shell. Peals are potentially the best-loved gems of all time. They are naturally occuring and cultured and are available naturally in a variety of colours. Although [...]

50th Wedding Anniversary

The golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries, by the married couple themselves and their friends and family. And rightly so! Spending half a century in love with one person is a wonderful statement about the gift of married life What to gift your parents on their 50th Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary? A […]

40th Wedding Anniversary

A 40th Wedding Anniversary is truly a reason to celebrate, and traditionally a Ruby is what you gift on this occasion. Ruby represents romance, devotion and passion, all qualities that make it very worthy of such an amazing milestone. What is the best way to celebrate 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary? We are sure that you […]

30th Wedding Anniversary

Spending 30 years together but still understanding one another each day, the beauty of companionship is that the learning never stops. The longing to be together and look back at your journey makes this day very special. What to gift your significant other on your 30th Wedding Anniversary? As per traditions, anything with pearls like […]

25th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations! Here’s to celebrating and embracing your journey as a beautiful couple. From butterflies to running behind kids together, anniversaries are a way to look back on how far you have come in this relationship, all the love and hardships that are experienced, and what made you who you are today. What is Silver Jubilee […]


A little about Emeralds, The Birthstone of MAY The Emerald has always been among some of the most treasured gemstones. This majestic and deeply hued stone enchants royalty like none other. On the Mohs scale of hardness, emerald stands at a 7.5 to 8 and is, therefore, a little softer and more susceptible to scratching [...]

Gold rose in second week of April, buoyed by safe-haven status

Gold prices rose in the second week of April, underpinned by the yellow metal’s appeal as a safe haven amid fears of an increasing Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine, and concerns over rising inflation. Gold dipped on April 14, just before the Easter break, pressured by a stronger U.S. dollar. Dollar-denominated gold becomes more expensive […]

20th Wedding Anniversary

What would be the best 20th wedding anniversary gifts for him? Shouldn’t 20 years of marriage be something to be celebrated with grandeur? Because if the 2oth anniversary isn’t the grandest reason to celebrate, what is? 20 years of marriage is a big deal, so if you have hit this milestone along with your other […]

15th Wedding Anniversary

What would be the best 15th wedding anniversary gifts for him? According to the age-old traditions, gifts for the 15th year of marriage should be marked by a crystal as it represents the pure bond and sparkling love between a married couple. The 15th marriage anniversary is a big deal as it celebrates a union […]

10th Wedding Anniversary

What would be the best 10th wedding anniversary gifts for her? According to the age-old traditions, gifts for the 10th year of marriage should be marked with something made in tin or aluminum that portrays durability and flexibility. Both durability and flexibility are essential elements to nurture and sustain a loving union and since both metals […]

A Definitive Guide To Hoop Earrings

“Life is a full circle, just like my earrings”– Every woman ever! Hoop earrings (the bigger the better) have been worn by women as symbols of resistance and strength for decades, dating back to ancient Egyptian royalty like Cleopatra and Nefertiti. Hoop Earrings add playful movement to your style. They are the best for classic [...]

What is Zakat? How to calculate and pay Zakat

Zakat (zakaat) is one of the five pillars of Islam and it refers to the practice of donating some of your wealth to charity.   Why is Zakat important? In Islam, all things belong to God, and Zakat is an important way to pay respect to that belief. It means “purify” and giving away wealth [...]

Jewellery Size Guide for Necklaces

Necklace Length Guide Necklaces and chains are designed in diverse styles, silhouettes and lengths. We suggest that before you pick one for yourself or your loved ones, try to understand their style preferences to make sure of the style and length that they would prefer. Once you have done that, you can assess the rest [...]

Gold inches up after US hikes rates

Gold prices edged up slightly after the US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, with the precious metal’s immediate future linked to expectations of further US rate increases and uncertainty over the war in Ukraine. Gold prices were flat after the Fed raised rates on March 16 as [...]

Wedding Anniversary FAQs

1. Why is wedding anniversary so important?The Wedding day is one of the most special and important days in the lives of two people in love. And celebrating this day each year keeps the love alive and shows the other person their commitment. It is special because it marks the union of two souls in [...]

How To Resize Rings

How to resize a ring? Although it is always better to measure and find your exact ring size before making a purchase, people often tend to buy sizes that do not compliment the size of their finger and therefore we are often asked about how to reduce or increase the size of rings. To get [...]

Gold eases on reports some Russian troops near Ukraine return to bases

Gold prices dipped from 8-month peaks in mid-February on reports some Russian troops near Ukraine returned to their bases, easing worries over risks of an invasion. Some troops in Russia’s military districts adjacent to Ukraine are returning to base after completing drills, Russia’s defense ministry was quoted as saying on February 15. The news also [...]

Eternity Rings

What is an eternity ring? Eternity rings are symbols of true and eternal love. They signify the promise of lifelong commitment that one partner makes to the other during the wedding. Eternity rings also symbolise the circle of life, and the belief that come what may, true love conquers all and finds its way back, [...]

Gold dips, pressured by firmer dollar and prospects for higher U.S. rates

Gold slipped in mid-January, pressured by a firmer dollar and sentiment that U.S. interest rates could rise in order to tame inflation. Gold eased 0.3 percent to $1,816.22 per ounce on January 14, weighed by a stronger dollar and firmer Treasury yields on prospects of U.S. interest rate rises. Upside in the greenback makes dollar-denominated [...]

How To Measure Bangle Size?

Bangles and their essenceThe name Bangle has been derived from the word ‘bungri’ which means glass. It is believed that glass bangles tend to bring safety and luck to one’s life. Bangles fall in the category of wrist ornaments, and basically are rigid and circular structures that beautifully enhance the wrists of the wearer. Bangles [...]

Gold rises after US central bank decides to reduce stimulus; UK rate rise boosts pound

Gold rose and the dollar fell in mid-December after the US central bank decided to wind back its stimulus measures. In the UK, the decision by the Bank of England on December 16 to raise interest rates to 0.25 percent from their historic low of 0.1 percent, which surprised some market commentators, boosted the pound, [...]

PureJewels wins “Best Innovation in Business 2021” at Newham Chamber of Commerce awards

East London jeweller PureJewels won the “Best Innovation in Business 2021” category at the Newham Chamber of Commerce business awards. It was the second time that PureJewels, located in the Green Street jewellery quarter, has won the best innovation category after winning the award in 2019. Newham is one of the largest boroughs in London. […]

Gold buoyed by inflation concerns; pound seen well-supported near term

Gold prices accelerated higher in the first half of November, buoyed by nagging concerns over inflation. Prices of gold, seen as a hedge against rising prices, rose around 2.6 percent in the second week of November, underpinned by rising consumer prices in the United States. Spot gold prices were down 0.44 percent at 1,857.26 per [...]

Gold buoyed but caught between inflationary fears and expectations of reduced monetary stimulus

Gold prices were on track in mid-October for their biggest weekly rise since May, buoyed by a weaker dollar, but expectations of a tapering of U.S. monetary stimulus could limit further gains. Gold prices were heading for a rise of more than 2 percent in the week to mid-October. The yellow metal was down 0.08 [...]

Jewellery Gift Ideas

The joy of opening a jewellery box and discovering a beautiful piece bought with consideration and thoughtfulness is an experience that imbues a simple gift with deeper meaning. In this guide, we hope to provide you with inspiration and ideas to help you purchase a jewellery gift for a loved one, friend or colleague that [...]

Gold Plating & Gold Plated Jewellery

Plating is the process of coating the surface of a metal with another metal to serve diverse functional objectives and creative purposes. In this process of plating, the object that is being plated or coated is called Substrate or Cathode while the other metal that the substrate is being plated with is known as Anode. [...]

All About Chains

Chains have been part of the jewellery wardrobe since ancient civilisations. The Egyptians wore gold chains because they believed it would ward off the evil eye. They also wore gold chains because they associated them with power and status. These gold chains would be worn with amulets and gemstones such as lapis lazuli, emeralds et [...]

Gold prices fall sharply after buoyant US retail sales data

Gold prices fell sharply in mid-September as an unexpected increase in US retail sales in August drove up the dollar. Analysts see risks that gold could fall further due to expectations the US central bank could soon start withdrawing stimulus measures for the world’s biggest economy. All eyes turned to the September 21-22 Federal Open [...]

Gold recovers from near 4-month lows as expectations of U.S. stimulus reduction abate

Gold prices recovered from a more than four-month low in the second week of August due to receding investor concerns over the possible scaling back of U.S. economic stimulus measures. Bullion hit the low after strong U.S. jobs data had stoked sentiment that the Federal Reserve (central bank) might start to reduce its asset buying [...]

Gold hits over 3-month high, inflation fears boost outlook

Gold prices touched a more than 3-month peak on May 17, boosted by a fall in U.S. Treasury yields and concerns over a resurgence of coronavirus in Asian countries. Analysts see a bullish outlook for the yellow metal due to fears over rising inflation. Gold broke above resistance at $1,850 and traded at $1,853.06 per […]

Gold jumps as U.S. Treasury yields, dollar fall

Gold prices jumped to a seven-week peak on April 16 boosted by softening U.S. Treasury yields and a weaker dollar, and underpinned by inflationary worries after higher-than-expected consumer prices data in the United States. Gold was up 0.8 percent to $1,779.07 per ounce on April 16, after touching $1,783.55, its highest since February 25. The [...]

Gold buoyed by U.S. stimulus package, but capped by rising U.S. bond yields

Gold traded little changed in mid-March, underpinned by a huge U.S. stimulus package, with analysts divided over the near-term price outlook for the yellow metal after prices recovered from a nine-month low last week pressured by rising bond yields. With stimulus cheques going out to Americans following the passage through Congress of U.S. President Joe [...]

Gold dips on firmer U.S. Treasury yields, sentiment mixed over outlook

Gold edged lower on higher U.S. Treasury yields in mid-February, with sentiment mixed over the near-term outlook for bullion prices. Gold, which bears no yield, was down 0.26 percent to $1,819.90 per ounce on February 15, after U.S. Treasury yields surged to a near 11-month high on February 12. Gold was losing its “safe haven” [...]

Gold eases on firming dollar, Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package underpins

Gold erased initial gains after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, pressured by a firmer dollar while being supported by its appeal as a hedge against inflation due to a proposed U.S. $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Gold was down 1 percent at $1,851.50 per ounce on January 22, weighed by the strengthening dollar, which can [...]

Mounting coronavirus toll buoys gold

Surging cases of coronavirus, boosting prospects for emergency economic stimulus measures, are pushing up gold prices despite progress in the international rollout of vaccines. Expectations of further U.S. stimulus measures by the U.S. Federal Reserve (central bank) to assuage the impact of coronavirus on the livelihoods of millions of Americans, combined with optimism over efforts [...]

Grace of Garnets

The name ‘garnet’ comes from the Latin ‘granatum’ meaning pomegranate, due to how the crystal resembles the seeds of this delicious fruit. It was said that the jewel possessed the ability to illuminate even the darkest of rooms, and it is written that Noah used the gem to light the inside of the ark.  A […]

National Gallery Company launches first jewellery collection inspired by Artemisia

The National Gallery Company, in collaboration with PureJewels, has launched its first jewellery collection inspired by the new Artemisia exhibition on show at the National Gallery in London. In 17th-century Europe, at a time when women artists were not easily accepted, Artemisia Gentileschi was exceptional. She challenged conventions and defied expectations to become a successful [...]

Tales of Tourmaline

Renowned artists Paul Klee remarked, “Colour possesses me”. We believe in the same sentiment, especially if they are colours of a gemstone. Known for its dazzling hues, tourmaline was once believed to aid medical conditions. The unparalleled colour range of tourmaline makes it an ideal companion for designer gemstones and a substitute for the big [...]

PureJewels scoops two gongs at Newham Chamber of Commerce awards

LONDON, November 2019 - East London jeweller PureJewels won gongs for e-commerce and innovation at the Newham Chamber of Commerce business awards this month. PureJewels won the e-commerce award in recognition of the 20 percent monthly growth in visits to its e-commerce site, which has transformed the retailer into one of the most visible suppliers [...]

PureJewels launches retail partnership with Ainsworth Jewellers of Blackburn, Lancashire

London Jeweller PureJewels, which supplies high purity gold and platinum jewellery mainly to the British Asian market, has launched its first ‘authorised’ retail partnership in collaboration with Ainsworth Jewellers of Blackburn, Lancashire. Under this relationship, Ainsworth Jewellers will be stockists of PureJewels’ collections. “This collaboration really celebrates the diversity of cultures in our communities” said [...]

Gold slips as U.S. dollar solidifies safe haven status

Gold prices slipped in mid-October, pressured by a stronger dollar as prospects faded for a new economic stimulus deal before the November 3 presidential election in the United States. The dollar’s appeal to investors as a safe haven during the pandemic has grown, and has made dollar-denominated gold more expensive to savers and investors holding [...]

The Sapphire Story

 A curated guide to everything about sapphires Anita Loos very fondly remarked, “A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever”. History has been a testimony to the allure of a blue sapphire gemstone. It was a 182-carat cabochon-cut sapphire, nicknamed the “The Bombay Star” that […]

Gold price outlook seen buoyed despite Fed optimism on U.S. recovery

Gold appears set to remain well-supported due to historically low interest rates, quantitative easing, and fiscal and political concerns, despite optimism that the U.S. economy will recover quicker than expected. Gold slipped as the dollar rose on September 17 after the Federal Reserve (U.S. central bank) signalled it expected the recovery of the world’s largest [...]

Gold retreats from record high after “rising too far, too fast”

Gold prices retreated in mid-August after hitting an all-time high, taking a breather after a rally seen by many analysts as “too far, too fast.” However, after consolidating, gold seems poised to renew gains, supported by the havoc reaped by coronavirus on the global economy, which is set to trigger more monetary stimulus. Gold was […]

Gold holds above $1,800 support, eyes further gains

Gold held above key support at $1,800 per ounce in mid-July and eyed further potential gains due to its safe-haven appeal. Gold’s potential to rise further is due to fears over a possible second wave of coronavirus cases; expectations for more monetary stimulus to kickstart economies, and deteriorating U.S.-China relations. Donald Trump signed an executive […]

Jewellery and Pure Gold Bullion As Gift Products

The joy of opening a jewellery box and discovering a beautiful piece bought with consideration and thoughtfulness is an experience that imbues a simple gift with deeper meaning. In this guide, we hope to provide you with inspiration and ideas to help you purchase a jewellery gift for a loved one, friend or colleague that [...]

Fears of second wave of coronavirus underpin gold prices

Fears of a second wave of coronavirus, stoked by Beijing’s crackdown after a surge in cases, are supporting gold. Gold prices held above $1,700 an ounce in mid-June, underpinned by news of the cluster of new cases around a food market in the Chinese capital. The number of cases of the novel coronavirus has also […]

Gold hits over three-week peak as U.S.-China tensions deepen

Gold prices hit a more than three-week high in mid-May, buoyed by worsening tensions between the United States and China, and seem set to rise further underpinned by central bank stimulus. Gold was at $1,737.50 per ounce on May 15, its highest level since April 23, benefiting from its safe haven status due to rising […]

How to invest in Gold?

Guide to Invest in Gold In the greek mythology Midas’s Touch, King Midas is granted a wish. He decides to ask for - anything that he touches, should turn into gold. It is very evident from a greek myth also that gold is precious. Gold has always been an epitome of wealth and security. Gold [...]

How many carats is pure gold

What is a carat? How many carats are in gold? How big is a one-carat diamond? In this master style, we explain the difference between gold and diamond carats and help you to understand the meanings of each. What is a carat? If you are jewellery shopping, you may have seen the word “carat” used […]

How to find and measure your ring size

How To Measure Ring Size Ring shopping? Lucky you! Here is how to measure your ring size for an accurate fit. Are you planning a surprise proposal? We have some tips for measuring for ring size in secret, too. Here’s all the information you need to measure and choose the correct ring size. Because you [...]

What is Hallmark and how to read it

What is a hallmark? What is a hallmark? How do you read silver hallmarks? Does gold plated jewellery has a hallmark? Whether you identifying an old piece of jewellery or looking for quality assurance as you buy a new piece, read this feature first. This article will answer your questions about hallmarks on precious metals. [...]

what is 999 fine gold and how many carats does it comprise?

What is 999 fine gold - how many carats, and what is it worth? In this masterclass, we delve into the carat system and discuss whether 999 fine gold is worth the investment. How is gold purity affected? In its pure form, gold is soft and malleable. It’s also one of the most valuable metals [...]

How many grams are in one tola?

Convert Tola to Gram New Tola Original Tola tola = gm Swap Reset Instruction for Conversions Please select the option based on New / Original Tola to calculate Please write the value to convert in first box and the result will show automatically in second box Here, both Tola to Gram and Gram to Tola [...]

Traditional Asian Real Gold Jewellery

Traditional Asian jewellery Asia has a rich history of jewellery design, and it’s a source of great joy.  We are very proud of our heritage and the spectacular tradition of Asian jewellery.  Whether you’re an avid collector or a contemporary fashionista, it’s hard to resist the call of gold and jewels… well, it’s in our […]

Zakat – what is and how to calculate percentage?

Zakat Calculator The percentage of Zakat on Gold 2.5% Gold Price Today for 24K £ 50.86 / Gram Current Nisab Value 87.48 Grams 24 Carat Gold/Jewelry Weight in Grams Estimated Value £ 0.00 22 Carat Gold/Jewelry Weight in Grams Estimated Value £ 0.00 18 Carat Gold/Jewelry Weight in Grams Estimated Value £ 0.00 Other Gold Valuables. (Pls. insert the [...]

Childrens jewellery bangles rings and gold bracelets

Giving children gold Investing in gold is widely approved.  Gold is accepted at central banks all over the world; it has been collected and preserved by humans for thousands of years.  It is universal and timeless – an exceptionally good, long-term investment. And if you have grandchildren or children, gold is a good ‘insurance policy’ […]

Asian Wedding Exhibition 2010

PureJewels to be headline sponsor at Asian Wedding Exhibition Dates: Sat 20th and Sun 21st November Venue: Alexandra Palace Web: PureJewels will be the official headline sponsor at the Asian Wedding Exhibition in 2010. “PureJewels presents Asian Wedding Exhibition in 2010” will be the key logo carried by advertising for the event, with media […]

London Jewellery Week Announces Jaguar Cars as Official Sponsor

London Jewellery Week 2010, which will take place from 7 – 13 June in venues across London, and the Green Street Jewellers’ Association (GSJA), today proudly announce Jaguar Cars Ltd as official sponsor and Luxury Transport Partner. Jaguar, already synonymous with stunning design, innovative thinking, and contemporary luxury, will join the celebration of London as […]

PureJewels becomes Prestige Partner of London Jewellery Week 2010

LONDON, April 2010 – PureJewels, a prominent retail jeweller in the Green Street jewellery quarter in east London, has become a Prestige Partner of London Jewellery Week, underscoring its strong support for the event which will showcase British jewellery talent. London Jewellery Week, which will take place from June 7-13, will celebrate London’s unique position […]

Newham jeweller highly commended at business awards

LONDON, December 2009 – Newham jeweller PureJewels was highly commended in the Retailer category at the Thames Gateway Business Awards 2009 and was commended in the Business category. The awards, run by Archant media group in association with HSBC, took place on November 6 at the art deco inspired Troxy banqueting hall in east London. […]

The British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce Award

Technology body gives award to PureJewels executive LONDON, December 2009 – The British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce has granted an award to PureJewels’ brand manager Jayant Raniga for his contribution to business in Newham in east London. “Whilst there are many other strong candidates, the institute recognises your contribution as a businessman and entrepreneur, […]

Platinum Guild Awards PureJewels Recommended Retailer Status

THE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFERED AT PURE JEWELS has been recognised by Platinum Guild International. The Green Street jeweller, which received a rating of 80% by the Guild’s mystery shopper, has been awarded the coveted title of Platinum Guild Recommended Retailer, 2009-10. FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT The award was made after an assessment was carried […]