Jewellery Education

Jewellery Education

At PureJewels, we believe that education plays a pivotal role in inspiring passion and preserving knowledge. Thats why we have meticulously created our series of all-encompassing educational jewellery guides.
As ardent advocates for the preservation of traditional craftsmanship techniques, we exalt luxury artistry, and by drawing on our generations of expertise and the exceptional skill set of our artisans, we want to share that with you.
These invaluable resources encompass a wealth of knowledge, covering craftsmanship techniques, proper care and maintenance, insights on coloured gemstones and diamonds, and guidance on selecting the perfect jewellery gift.

A Guide to CNC and Laser Cut Technology

Jewellery finds its roots as old as the Neanderthal living in Europe. Since then, humanity has evolved into not only different materials but also different production techniques. Throughout history, we have seen the development of new production techniques that have helped create beautiful adornments. Each production technique results from years of innovation to achieve a [...]

A Guide to Die Stamped Jewellery

A Guide to Die Stamping The art of adornment can be traced back to the stone age. Over time, not only did the variety of materials expand, but the manufacturing technique also improved. New inventions led to applying the same machinery to produce other products. One such example of this is the die stamping or [...]

Which Carat Gold is Used to Make Jewellery

Which Carat Gold is Used to Make Jewellery Shiny, bright, and sought after, gold is a malleable and ductile metal. These properties allow it to be crafted into beautiful gold jewellery. Its lustre gives gemstones a richness to their sparkle. However, pure gold is very soft, so to create wearable jewellery, gold is often blended [...]

A Guide to Die Stamping

A Guide to Die Stamping The art of adornment can be traced back to the stone age. Over time, not only did the variety of materials expand, but the manufacturing technique also improved. New inventions led to the application of the same machinery to produce other products. One such example of this is the die [...]

Elegance of Solid Gold

What Does Solid Gold Really Mean? Jewellery is a versatile item that can be made using various materials. These materials range from metal to wood and even glass! Jewellery made out of metal is further divided into different categories. There is jewellery made out of precious metals and non-precious metals. Sometimes, jewellery is made out [...]

All About Birthstones

What are Birthstones? How do they work? Precious or semiprecious gemstones associated with a month or sign of the zodiac that are believed to provide good health, protection and good fortune to anyone born in that month or under that sign if they are worn are Birthstones. Many gem therapists think that wearing your Birthstone [...]

Euphoric Hues – Topaz

Let’s not forget our November-born fellows, we are here to introduce you to your birthstone Topaz and educate you all about it. Honey yellow, fiery orange, ecstatic pink, or cool blue, you will find Topaz in various colours as well as colourless variety. This stone is truly versatile to suit your style and budget. The [...]

Opulence of Opals

Whilst those born in October have two spectacular birthstones to boast of, we are putting a special spotlight on Opals. Do you remember those long pyramid-shaped tubes that we looked into to see various patterns, also known as kaleidoscopes? Let us introduce you to nature’s version of that kaleidoscope i.e. Opals. Opals are one of [...]

Lab Grown Diamonds

What is a lab grown diamond? Lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are identical to each other in every way whether it is about their chemical or physical properties. The only difference between them and the natural ones is that of occurrence and formation. While natural diamonds take years to grow naturally under heat and [...]


A little about Peridot, The Birthstone of August. Peridot is believed to be one of the most ancient gems as it is among the first gemstones to have been discovered by ancient Egyptians. The first-ever peridot was discovered in Topazios, an island in the Red Sea, now known as St John's Island, and it has [...]

Rendezvous with Rubies

“There’s a shade of red for every woman!”  - Audrey Hepburn Each month in a year is associated with a beautiful gemstone. It defines a person’s period of birth. For example, Ruby is the birthstone associated with people born in the month of July, and it also happens to be one of the most valuable [...]

Precious Metals in Jewelry Making

Jewellery is adornments worn to accessorise your look, uplift your personality and add value. PureJewels are pioneers in providing excellent quality and aesthetics to your jewels, and this is our attempt to educate and curb your curiosity on what goes into making these beauties. What are the different types of metals used to make jewellery? [...]

A Guide to Hallmarking and Dealer’s Notice

You might have heard the term “Hallmarking” while buying jewellery. People always say to buy only hallmarked jewellery. But what is hallmarked jewellery? Why is it important? What is a Dealer’s Notice in between all this? To explain all these questions, we have compiled a guide for you. What is a Hallmark? A hallmark is [...]


A little about Pearls, The Birthstone of June The word pearl comes from the French word perle that means led which refers to the leg shape of a mollusk shell. Peals are potentially the best-loved gems of all time. They are naturally occuring and cultured and are available naturally in a variety of colours. Although [...]


A little about Emeralds, The Birthstone of MAY The Emerald has always been among some of the most treasured gemstones. This majestic and deeply hued stone enchants royalty like none other. On the Mohs scale of hardness, emerald stands at a 7.5 to 8 and is, therefore, a little softer and more susceptible to scratching [...]

What is Zakat? How to calculate and pay Zakat

Zakat (zakaat) is one of the five pillars of Islam and it refers to the practice of donating some of your wealth to charity.   Why is Zakat important? In Islam, all things belong to God, and Zakat is an important way to pay respect to that belief. It means “purify” and giving away wealth [...]

Gold Plating & Gold Plated Jewellery

Plating is the process of coating the surface of a metal with another metal to serve diverse functional objectives and creative purposes. In this process of plating, the object that is being plated or coated is called Substrate or Cathode while the other metal that the substrate is being plated with is known as Anode. [...]

Grace of Garnets

The name ‘garnet’ comes from the Latin ‘granatum’ meaning pomegranate, due to how the crystal resembles the seeds of this delicious fruit. It was said that the jewel possessed the ability to illuminate even the darkest of rooms, and it is written that Noah used the gem to light the inside of the ark.  A […]

Tales of Tourmaline

Renowned artists Paul Klee remarked, “Colour possesses me”. We believe in the same sentiment, especially if they are colours of a gemstone. Known for its dazzling hues, tourmaline was once believed to aid medical conditions. The unparalleled colour range of tourmaline makes it an ideal companion for designer gemstones and a substitute for the big [...]

The Sapphire Story

 A curated guide to everything about sapphires Anita Loos very fondly remarked, “A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever”. History has been a testimony to the allure of a blue sapphire gemstone. It was a 182-carat cabochon-cut sapphire, nicknamed the “The Bombay Star” that […]

How to invest in Gold?

Guide to Invest in Gold In the greek mythology Midas’s Touch, King Midas is granted a wish. He decides to ask for - anything that he touches, should turn into gold. It is very evident from a greek myth also that gold is precious. Gold has always been an epitome of wealth and security. Gold [...]

How many carats is pure gold

What is a carat? How many carats are in gold? How big is a one-carat diamond? In this master style, we explain the difference between gold and diamond carats and help you to understand the meanings of each. What is a carat? If you are jewellery shopping, you may have seen the word “carat” used […]

What is Hallmark and how to read it

What is a hallmark? What is a hallmark? How do you read silver hallmarks? Does gold plated jewellery has a hallmark? Whether you identifying an old piece of jewellery or looking for quality assurance as you buy a new piece, read this feature first. This article will answer your questions about hallmarks on precious metals. [...]

what is 999 fine gold and how many carats does it comprise?

What is 999 fine gold - how many carats, and what is it worth? In this masterclass, we delve into the carat system and discuss whether 999 fine gold is worth the investment. How is gold purity affected? In its pure form, gold is soft and malleable. It’s also one of the most valuable metals [...]

How many grams are in one tola?

Convert Tola to Gram New Tola Original Tola tola = gm Swap Reset Instruction for Conversions Please select the option based on New / Original Tola to calculate Please write the value to convert in first box and the result will show automatically in second box Here, both Tola to Gram and Gram to Tola [...]