Gold Reports

Gold Reports

Gold was among the very first metals to be mined because it commonly occurs in its native form. It is pure, beautiful and lasts for a lifetime since it doesn’t age and hence the metal started to gain value. Because of its exquisite properties, chemical and physical, people started crafting expensive objects made in gold that were worn, cherished and passed through generations. Some on the other hand took gold as something they could invest in as they saw its value appreciating while people started treating it as a precious and valuable find. Not just that, artisans of ancient civilizations lavishly used gold to craft sculptures, lifestyle objects and also to decorate tombs and temples. Even today, archaeologists keep uncovering such finds, some even dating back to more than 5,000 years ago.

Gold, even today remains one of the most precious elements that is found on earth. Its value keeps fluctuating with respect to various geographical, political and economical factors. Geographical factors include the availability of gold mines in a geographical area, whereas political factors like wars and international tensions have a drastic effect on the other hand economical factors like demand and supply also play a major role in determining the rate of gold.

Gold prices rise amid fears of widening Middle East conflict

Gold Prices Surge Amid Escalating Geopolitical Tensions Gold prices rose in mid-April on fears of a wider Middle East conflict

Gold eases from highs on strong U.S. economic data

Gold prices eased off from recent record highs in mid-March due to strong U.S. economic data, notably stubborn inflationary pressures. After robust February U.S. producer

Gold briefly dropped below $2,000 per ounce as possible U.S. rate cut seen delayed

Gold Sees Brief Dip Below $2,000 Amidst Delayed U.S. Rate Cut Prospects and Economic Indicators Gold prices briefly fell below

Gold hits one-week high in mid-January, holds above $2,000 per ounce for now

Gold Surges to One-Week High in Mid-January, Sustains Above $2,000 per Ounce Gold prices hit a one-week peak in mid-January,

Gold hits 10-day peak in mid-December, potential seen for record highs in 2024

Gold Prices Surge to 10-Day Peaks Amidst Speculation of Record Highs in 2024 Gold prices hit 10-day peaks in mid-December

Gold trades near 2-week high in mid-November, U.S. rate rises seen on hold

Hedging Against Uncertainty: Gold Prices Surge Amidst U.S. Rate Hike Speculations and Geopolitical Tensions Gold prices traded near two-week highs

Gold drops after haven-led rally driven by Middle East conflict

Gold prices slid back sharply on October 16 on technical selling after a 3.4 percent rally in the prior session

Gold Gains on Fed Rate Hike Pause Sentiment, Limited Upside Momentum”

Gold strengthens on sentiment U.S. Fed may pause rate hikes, but upside price momentum seen limited Gold notched up its

Gold prices hit 3-month low, more U.S. rate hikes seen

Gold prices hit a three-month low in mid-June after signals the U.S. Federal Reserve could raise rates further in the

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