Understanding Jewellery

As pointed out above, jewellery needs to be felt and loved. One needs to be immensely passionate about understanding jewellery and its infinite branches. To understand the subject, one needs to get in-depth and be ready to dive in to explore the fascinating world of gems and jewellery. This fascinating bubble never breaks, it literally is infinitely deep and as you move forward, it keeps getting dreamier than before. This vast subject has no boundaries. You may start at one point and discover yourself to be surrounded by gorgeous, intricate and something delicate with a deep and rooted history of its own. To have an understanding of jewellery, one definitely needs to ponder over as many branches of jewellery as possible. Jewellery branches include everything that is connected to it in any way, directly or indirectly. In pursuit to understand jewellery, one must learn about all its aspects starting from the significance, history and origins of jewellery to design & craftsmanship to purchasing, sales and even marketing of jewellery. To summarise it all, we believe, jewellery needs to be felt both emotionally and physically to be understood.

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